Whatever Happened to Sandy Johnson?

Whether better known as Miss June 1974 or Judith Myers, where is she now?

She was the June 1974 Playboy Playmate of the Month. She appeared alongside her fellow Playmates Pamela Bryant (RIP) and Susan Kiger (also currently residing in the Whatever Happened to..? file) in the 1979 cult T&A classic H.O.T.S. She played the role of April, the gas pump girl who showed the most skin in Gas Pump Girls, another T&A notable from ’79. However, Sandy Johnson will always be best known by horror fans and pundits as Judith Myers, the ill-fated sister of Michael Myers, who, for whatever reason, decided to take a butcher knife and stab her to death on Halloween night in 1963, right after she had a brief romp with a boyfriend in John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic, Halloween (as seen above). It was one of the most unrealistic death scenes in horror film history (looks like Michael was standing about three feet away as he lowered the knife and Sandy’s screaming sounded more like she was getting squirted with water rather than getting stabbed to death), but it’s a classic nonetheless, so I’ll leave that alone.

Sandy Johnson
Sandy in a shot from Eve Today, a 1974 photo book from Playboy Press

Since her brief post-Playmate acting career in the late-70s, Sandy seems to have slipped clean off the radar. The name “Sandy Johnson” is such a common one, searching Internet records is fruitless with only the name. However, since the now-62 year-old former model and actress seems to be the most famous “Sandy Johnson” there is, results for her top most search yields, albeit they’re all from her circa 1974 Playboy shoots and the few films she appeared in during the late 70s. The info given on her by Playboy (born July 7, 1954 in San Antonio, Texas, vital stats, etc.) and her acting credits listed at IMDb arm the seeker with a little more information and there is definitely no shortage of photos and video clips to be found, but nothing that dates after 1979. Also, beware of misinformational articles like this one, where, instead of Sandy, a photo of P.J. Soles from Halloween is ran and it states Sandy’s last role was in a film she was not in, but rather it was another actress who spelled her name “Sandi” with an “i.”

Since Sandy was only 19 at the time of her Playmate shoot and didn’t appear in her first film until 1978, when she would have been 23 or 24, I could speculate that she was in college during those intervening years. Perhaps she acted until she landed a good job or a good man and left show biz for a more stable existence. Perhaps she didn’t part company with Playboy on the best of terms, which is why no reports of her at any Playboy promotions have been found. It’s safe to assume she’s still alive because, even though she’s chosen to live a private life all these years, Playboy has their sources, so if any former Playmates pass away, they’ll sooner rather than later, get word and report it.

January 1977 Playboy Playmate Susan Kiger, was the subject of a December 2009 Whatever Happened to..? article I wrote for another (now defunct) site and “transplanted” to Idol Features in 2011. When this site became more popular and traffic began increasing, information started to trickle in about Susan. Responses to that article yielded tales from those who said they had past relationships with Miss January 1977, as well as those who told of meeting her at promotional events, the best of which included exclusive photos a reader took when he met Miss Kiger at a 1978 car show event.

I’ve recently been contacted by an organizer of a major horror convention, asking if I could put my “sleuthing skills” to locating Miss Johnson, so that she can be contacted regarding some possible appearances. Of course, putting this to the readers of this site carries the best chance of getting credible results, so I’m hoping this article will bring out responses similar to the ones the article on Miss Kiger did. So, if any reader has any info on Miss Johnson or, better yet; Sandy, if you’re reading this and would be wiling to oblige me with a reply, grant me an interview, or consider appearing at a horror convention to meet and greet fans, please contact me. Long shot, I know, but hopefully one that will pay off so horror and Playboy fans will finally be able to stop wondering; “Whatever Happened to Sandy Johnson?”

Sandy JohnsonSandy Johnson
Two shots from Sandy’s June 1974 Playmate layout, nicely displaying her 5’6″, 35C-24-34 frame

Sandy JohnsonSandy Johnson
Two shots from Sandy’s Playboy shoot that did not end up in her Playmate layout

Sandy Johnson
The last screen glimpse of Sandy as Judith Myers in John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic Halloween.
This role alone would guarantee Sandy a spot as a featured guest at any major horror convention.

Sandy Johnson
As April in Gas Pump Girls

Sandy Johnson and KC Winkler
Sandy (left) with KC Winkler in H.O.T.S.

The distributors of 1979’s The Surfer Girls definitely intended to capitalize on Sandy’s
Playmate status by stating she was a “Playboy centerfold” on the film’s theater poster.

Sandy Johnson Centerfold
Sandy’s June 1974 Playboy centerfold, photographed by Mario Casilli.

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