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Ruthie GarciaRuthie Garcia (aka Rue Garcia, Ruthie Rue, and Rue Goregrinder) was one of the actresses featured in our October 2016 piece on Sean Donohue and Christopher Leto’s 2013 slasher, Die Die Delta Pi. Credited in the film as Rue Goregrinder, she plays Veronica, one of the Delti Pi sorority sisters in the film’s opening segment, which is set in 1986. Since ladies with tattoos weren’t as common a sight as they are today, Ruthie says she spend a hour and a half in makeup getting her ink covered up for her scene, which also features Kali Dunning and a very naked Roxy Vandiver.

A Florida native who lives and breathes horror and heavy metal (“I am a HUGE metalhead,” she proudly states), Ruthie appears in another 2013 bloodfest;  Chris Woods’  Amerikan Holokaust, a film she thoroughly enjoyed making, with a director and crew she speaks highly of. Read on for more about Ruthie in her exclusive interview with Idol Features and for indie horror fans who have not before heard the name Rue Goregrinder; now you have and remember when you heard it first. Photo at left courtesy of Ruthie herself.


Ruthie Grcia
Ruthie in Die Die Delta Pi
CHRIS CHARLES: You first came to my attention while I was composing an article on you ladies who were in Sean Donohue and Christopher Leto’s Die Die Delta Pi. You told me you still haven’t seen that one?
RUTHIE GARCIA: No, I actually did not. I was working on another project and had a scheduling conflict. I see it all the time at the music store near my house. I’ll have to check it out.
CHRIS: What was it like for you working on Die Die Delta Pi?
RUTHIE: It was great. I have worked with Chris Leto and Sean Donohue in the past. They are a great team. My first film was actually a Chris Leto film. I enjoyed the experience of working with Roxy Vandiver. She’s an amazing woman and actress. We had a lot of down time and talked a lot. Marcus Koch did special FX and I had worked with him previously as well. It was a blast. My favorite thing was having my tattoos covered up. It took about an hour and a half, but Marcus did an excellent job. You couldn’t even tell I had tattoos. Over all, it was a great experience.
CHRIS: Ah, yes. Your character appeared in the first part of the film, which was set in 1986, when ladies with tattoos weren’t so common. So, did you know any of the other ladies in the cast previously?
RUTHIE: No, I did not. They were all super friendly and great to work with. I was only on set for a day, but when I left I felt like I knew all the ladies pretty well.
CHRIS: What was shooting Amerikan Holokaust like for you?
Ruthie Garcia
During the filming of Amerikan Holokaust
RUTHIE: Shooting Amerikan Holokaust was the best experience I have had so far. Funny story; the day before the first day of shooting was Gasparilla (Pirate Festival) here in St. Petersburg. My boyfriend at the time and I would camp out, party all night then wake up enjoy the invasion and parade. So I went to film, on no sleep and after a morning at Gasparilla. It was definitely an experience, but also a lesson learned. Wont be doing that again. Working with Chris Woods was amazing. He is a great director and not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to his vision. When I met him for the audition, I was warned about the kind of movie it was going to be. I responded by telling him I would be down for sick gore and nothing was really off limits. If you don’t believe me watch the movie. Everyone I worked with were very talented and it was an honor. Jules Scerio was a great actor to work with. He’d give me advice and tips on playing my character, Eliza Cherry. Bob Glazier, I especially enjoyed working with. On set he was hilarious and always joking, but during filming he gave it 100%. Like me, he wasn’t scared to give it his all. In the bathroom scene between Bob and I, the slapping and fighting back is very real. We wanted to make it look as good and as real as possible and I think the end result reflects that.
CHRIS: Were you in a shadow cast group called “The Unworthy Heirs.” What performances did you do?
Ruthie Garcia
In 2011, preparing for an “Unworthy Heirs” shadow cast performance of Repo! The Genetic Opera
RUTHIE: The Unworthy Heirs was actually a shadow cast of Repo! The Genetic Opera. I am a huge fan of the movie it is one of the few musicals I really enjoy. In Tampa, we did a shadow cast once a month. I got to play the henchies and Amber Sweet. That was a very different experience from acting but it was a nice change.
CHRIS: Your IMDb page only lists two film credits, but I believe you’ve been involved in more. Besides Delta Pi and Holokaust, what other films have you’ve been a part of?
RUTHIE: I actually have three IMDb pages due to being credited differently. I need to fix that one of these days (laughs). I have worked on a lot of movies. Some of the other titles I’ve worked on are Secret Family Recipe, The Revenant, Joe Vampire, If I Can’t Have You.
CHRIS: What are your current projects?
RUTHIE: I’m in talks with a few directors about upcoming project. I didn’t work the last three years because my drug addiction got very bad. I am now clean and in recovery. I am very proud of that fact and it is very important to me. I am just now getting stable enough in my recovery, that I feel ready to start acting again. I am excited for the new opportunities and experiences waiting to be had.
CHRIS: What behind-the-scenes duties have you done on a film set?
RUTHIE: You know, the usual. You end up doing odds and ends to help out in the world of independent films. Everyone does their part too make the film happen. This one film I worked on that did not end up getting finished. The FX guy couldn’t make it so I had to “McGuyver” it up last minute. I Actually really enjoyed doing special FX’s something I might look into doing in the future.
Linnea Quigley & Ruthie Garcia
With one of her Scream Queen idols, Linnea Quigley at the 2010 Screamfest in Orlando, Florida
CHRIS: Who are some of your favorite horror actresses aka Scream Queens?
RUTHIE: Well of course the first one that comes to mind is Linnea Quigley. I LOVE HER. She’s been in some of my favorite 80’s horror. She has a great body and is just so memorable. The scene in Return of the Living Dead where shes naked on the tombstone talking about fantasizing about zombies eating her is a freaking classic!! I love Danielle Harris a lot as well. Seeing her go from little girl to grown woman and still have a good career is great. Also, big fan of Halloween. Katherine Isabelle is another favorite of mine. I will go see any movie shes in. I love everything from Ginger Snaps to American Mary. I really really love American Mary!! I hope one day to be in the ranks of those amazing Scream Queens.
CHRIS: Are there any horror directors you’d particularly like to work with?
RUTHIE: Their are many. However I really want to work with Lucifer Valentine. He directed the Slaughtered Vomit Dolls series. I am a big fan of his work. He has an amazing vision and his films are very artsy and beautiful and disgusting.
CHRIS: I know you’re an avid metalhead. What are some of your favorite old school ….say, those who came on the scene pre-1990, metal bands?
RUTHIE: Well, I am a HUGE metalhead. It’s funny you would ask me that since I was born in 1990 (laughs). Still, I love the classics like Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeath, Iron Maiden, Overkill, Dio, Metallica. My real passion is black metal. Some of the pre-90s black metal I love are Bathory, Von, Venom, Blasphemy, that kind of deal.
Ruthie Garcia
Behind the scenes during the making of Amerikan Holokaust
CHRIS: What was the most memorable concert you attended?
RUTHIE: It would have to be my first Maryland Deathfest. The lineup was killer, it is every year, but it was the EXPERIENCE more than anything. I flew from Tampa to Baltimore and spent all day every day for four days enjoying endless metal. The airport and city were taken over by metalheads. It was surreal. Met some amazing life long friends. Got to see some of my favorite bands play. One year my favorite band ever, Destroyer 666, played. That blew me away.
CHRIS: Do you have any skills, interests, or hobbies that people who aren’t close to you don’t know about?
RUTHIE: I am an open book. My two passions are music an horror movies. That’s my life. Love black metal and grindcore and old school hardcore. Horror movies. I watch everything. Love good ones, also enjoy laughing at bad ones. I really enjoy collecting movies, vinyl, and CD’s. I also spend a lot of time in recovery. Going to meetings, helping others. I really enjoy my life today.
CHRIS: With that, I’ll thank you again for doing this, Ruthie. In closing, do you have any shout-outs to anyone?
RUTHIE: Thank you for asking me!! Shout-out to everyone I mentioned in the article. Check them out if you are not familiar all are amazing at their craft. Again thank you and shadilay!

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