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Pandora JonesPandora Jones has been a model, specializing in fetish themes, for six years now. Bondage, girl-girl, cosplay, as well as the milder and more traditional pinup and glamour, are just some of the themes she covers. She says she is one of the few examples of a fetish model in her 40s and in June, she’ll be one of the few examples of a fetish model who’s 50. Even if an Internet search turns up many more 40 and 50-something ladies in the profession, Pandora is definitely at the top of that profession.

Looking much younger than her almost-50 years, Pandora runs her own business, which includes her website, custom video productions, and domme sessions, in which clients can actually experience Pandora in person, but not without a going through a careful screening beforehand. She’s also recently gotten into mainstream acting. She’s appeared in a few indie films, the Cinemax show Banshee, as well as an upcoming web series and a short film that she also co-wrote and co-produced.

Pandora was gracious enough to candidly answer some questions about her profession, as well as touch on some of her personal interests and upcoming mainstream projects, in the following exclusive interview with Idol Features (with helpful links for readers not up on BDSM terms like domme). Above photo by Dark Templar.

Pandora Jones
Photo by TM Photo for
CHRIS CHARLES: It’s a pleasure to finally feature you here, Pandora. I first contacted you back in June of last year, shortly after I did an interview with your friend and colleague, Nadia White. Do you and her often work together?
PANDORA JONES: Yes we do! We work together a lot. We shoot videos for custom clients a lot, but we also work for other photographers frequently together, and always have fun. We’ve done a lot of work for a guy called Tiny Chaste. We do small penis humiliation with him. It’s always a good time. Most importantly, though, we are very good friends.
CHRIS: You told me you’ve been an adult/fetish model for six years now. Did you start out doing nude/erotic modeling or did you start doing a milder type of modeling and “cross over” to adult stuff?
PANDORA: I started as a glamour and nude model, and then a friend recommended I start doing bondage because she said, it’s easy and it pays well. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s EASY ….but it did pay well, and doing bondage opened up a whole world of fetish work to me. I realized that producing your own content is where it’s at, so I started my own clips store. I still work for paid photographers, but I would say my bread and butter is shooting custom videos for fans.
CHRIS: You told me you’ll be 50 soon. How much longer do you see yourself doing this?
PANDORA: As long as people want to pay me to do it! I actually had my best year ever last year. I don’t think there’s an age limit to this industry, honestly. I know a few people my age who are very successful, and I also know a bondage producer who’s in her 60s. I am constantly told I look much younger than my age, and in any case, “cougars” are really hot right now. A lot of fans love older women, especially when they work with hot younger women or men.
Pandora Jones
“I still work for paid photographers, but I would say my bread and butter is shooting custom videos for fans.”
CHRIS: You’ve even written a how-to book on fetish modeling entitled The Happy Damsel in Distress: Your Guide to Becoming a Successful Fetish Model. Have you spoken with many ladies in your industry who have read your book?
PANDORA: I do get e-mails from time to time from models just starting out who are thankful for the info in my guide. I just had someone hit me up on Twitter, thanking me for it. I think they particularly like the section of the book about how to stay safe, and the page with all the links to sites where they can post their portfolio and get work.
CHRIS: While many women in the adult entertainment industry have opted to surgically enhance themselves, your body seems to be all-natural. Have you ever considered having anything done for personal or professional reasons?
PANDORA: Oh yes, I am definitely all natural and intend to stay that way! When I was in my 20s, I was skinny. Like, 98 pounds. When I turned 40, curves started popping out, and my bust went from an A to a C. I’m pretty happy with my body the way it is, and while a lot of women are happy getting implants, and it may help their career, I don’t want to put any strange chemicals in my body.
CHRIS: You also work with quite a few other ladies in your industry. Skyler Grey (Not to be confused with the singer of the same name, but different spelling) is one. How long have you and she been doing shoots together?
Pandora Jones
Photo by Autumn Productions, November 2015
PANDORA: Skyler and I have been shooting together for I think, three years now. I met Skyler while we were both working at a dungeon in Philadelphia. I always thought she was sweet and funny, and we started traveling together. We room together at Fetishcon every year and always have a blast. We have also traveled together to Boston. She’s an awesome roommate and travel companion. We get along well, and enjoy working together. We recently did a bondage shoot for a photographer named Sir Knott and got tied up together.
CHRIS: Who else have been some of your favorite female models to work with?
PANDORA: Dixie Comet is one of my favorites. We’ve done some clips for Steve Villa that I’ve had SO many fans write me and rave about. The fan favorite seems to be a clip where I’m Dixie’s drunk roommate. I walk in on her being tied up by a robber, and I mistakenly think he’s her boyfriend! She’s trying to talk to me through her gag, saying; “He’s a robber! he’s a robber!” and my drunk self is going; “His name is Robert?? Hi Robert! Tie me up, too!” The frustrated look on Dixie’s face is priceless. She’s a great little actress. I also love working with Odette Delacroix and Caroline Pierce. I’ve been fortunate to have them as great friends as well as fellow models I love working with. They are both such smart, interesting people.
CHRIS: I see there are other models also available for bookings through your website. So, you’re an agent, as well?
PANDORA: I think you may be referring to the site where I post photos of all the models available for customs. I have helped models get bookings with other photographers, but I’m not a licensed agent.
Pandora Jones
2016 with Skyler Grey for DG Bondage
CHRIS: You take requests for custom shoots, so I assume you sometimes get some requests to do shoots that are really kinky and out there. What have been some of the more bizarre shoots you’ve done?
PANDORA: I’d say the most bizarre shoot I’ve ever done was taking 500 photos of the inside of my mouth for a Japanese client! I had to figure out a special setting on my camera to do it. I just sat down, pointed the camera at my mouth, and shot away. He said I have the best teeth and inside of a mouth he’d ever seen! I’ve also gotten paid for doing things like putting sunglasses on and taking them off. That’s some easy money right there, and why I really love my job.
CHRIS: You also do live fetish sessions with clients that aren’t for the camera. I know the info and guidelines for those sessions are well explained at your website. Despite that, have you ever had a client give you any problems?
PANDORA: I can’t say that I have. I am very careful about screening potential session clients. I have had clients try to offer me more money for sexual activities, but I always refuse politely, and they will back down.
CHRIS: Have you ever turned down an offer to do any shoots or sessions because they were out of your comfort zone?
PANDORA: I won’t do any shoots that involve smoking. And there are certain models I won’t work with, because they’re widely known in the industry to be problematic. I also am very careful about the sessions I do where I’m bottoming. I once had a client engage in some verbal humiliation that made me extremely uncomfortable. I probably won’t do that again.
CHRIS: Is there anything else, short of illegal, of course, you’d draw the line at?
PANDORA: I absolutely refuse to do anything involving animals. Last year, some fetish models in Florida were arrested for doing crushing videos. I think that kind of thing is absolutely horrific, and anyone who would even consider crushing an animal or who wants to watch something like that, has got to be mentally disturbed and deserves a ton of jail time.
Pandora Jones
Photo by Clear Day Photo
CHRIS: You’ve also done some amateur-style wrestling videos. Have all the matches been real and not scripted?
PANDORA: All the wrestling I’ve done is 100 percent real. Ask me again right after a shoot with Academy Wrestling, and I will be happy to show you the bruises to prove it! (laughs)
CHRIS: You also offer “online slavery” at your site, in which clients pay you to serve you, correct?
PANDORA: Yes. I had two paypigs recently, but they both had personal issues and had to back off. So I am once again looking for financial slaves! Fans can apply on my website! Paypigs are awesome.
CHRIS: I can sure understand why you feel they are. So, you explain the difference between a prostitute and a dominatrix at your site. You say that you don’t allow your clients to get naked or get themselves off during a session with you. So, is the satisfaction the clients receive from a session with you an emotional one rather than a physical one?
PANDORA: I’m not sure I’d say that. I will say, the brain is the sexiest organ, and I’m one of the most intelligent, sophisticated, experienced sensual dommes out there. I don’t give a typical “dominatrix” experience, ever.
CHRIS: You have a section of your website entitled “Wall of Shame” that is accessible only by password. Would you tell me a little about what’s behind that curtain?
PANDORA: The Wall of Shame is a section of the site to help my fellow models stay safe. In our industry, there are no real regulations to protect us from unscrupulous photographers or producers. There are producers out there who behave inappropriately or unprofessionally. Sadly, some models have even been robbed or assaulted. The Wall of Shame allows me to share information to help keep models from being robbed, raped, or any number of things that have sadly happened to women in this industry.
Pandora Jones
Photo by Incubus Photo Studios
CHRIS: I see you’ve worked with some of the biggest photographers and studios in your field. Ken Marcus, Dominic Wolfe, Evangeline von Winter, Charlee Chase, just to name a few. Who have been your favorite photographers to work with?
PANDORA: You mention Ken Marcus. He is definitely one of my favorites. He’s also a friend and mentor. Ken is not just incredibly talented, he is also smart and funny. I love seeing Ken whenever I go to Los Angeles. He tells the best stories, because he’s been in the business so long. He’s met basically everyone and he worked for Playboy and Penthouse in the early days. I bet a lot of your readers don’t know that Ken took that photo of Jimi Hendrix setting his guitar on fire at Monterey Pop. It’s one of the most famous photos of the 1960s. And most people probably don’t know he was an apprentice of the famous photographer, Ansel Adams.
CHRIS: Ahh yes, I do recall reading years ago that Ken shot that! How about your favorite video producers to work with?
PANDORA: Evangeline von Winter’s husband is one of my favorites. He knows SO MUCH about editing. In fact, I had a custom client who wanted a very complex green screen custom, with an elf and fairy theme, and Willie is the only person I trusted to be able to produce it. It took an entire day to shoot it, and I think he’s been working on the editing for a couple of months now. But I know when it’s done, it’s going to be an amazing clip.
CHRIS: I assume you’ve heard of, the large adult video production company based here in San Francisco, but a search shows you’ve never shot with them. Just wondering why that is?
PANDORA: Of course, everyone knows Honestly, I think I might be too old for their site! (laughs) I filled out an application to work for them ages ago. I’m also a little scared to work for sites that produce really hardcore BDSM content. I’m not into pain all that much. That being said, if they have no problem working with someone my age, I’m open to considering it!
Pandora Jones
“I will say, the brain is the sexiest organ, and I’m one of the most intelligent, sophisticated, experienced sensual dommes out there.”
CHRIS: I won’t ask for any names, but have you ever been contacted by anyone famous or in the public eye about doing a custom shoot or session?
PANDORA: I’ve had a lot of famous people flirt with me, mainly on Twitter, but no one I know of who might be famous wanting a custom shoot or session.
CHRIS: Are any of your clients female?
PANDORA: Sadly, I have very few female clients. I have one who was a domme who brought her male sub, and we had a blast together. I wish I could do more sessions like that. We had so much fun co-topping her sub, and teasing him by making out in front of him and the like. It was very sexy.
CHRIS: Would you say you’re a sexually adventuresome person in your private life as well or is that just for the camera?
PANDORA: Yes, absolutely, in my private life. I recently dated a much younger man and we would film boy-girl content together, and go to swinger clubs. I introduced him to a lot of kink activities he had never engaged in before. We moved on after a year together, and now I’m seeing someone closer to my own age. I think we have a lot more potential for something long-term than I would with someone 20 years younger than me. Although, the younger guys can be a lot of fun.
CHRIS: Do you have any hobbies or interests that most people don’t know about?
PANDORA: Yes! I am way into watching CNBC and investing in the stock market. If you can call that a hobby. I am also a writer. Just co-wrote a short film I’m co-producing with a friend from my acting class. We are also starring in it. I am just now starting to get into mainstream acting and having some success with it.
Pandora Jones
“Sadly, I have very few female clients. I have one who was a domme who brought her male sub, and we had a blast together.”
CHRIS: What is your short film about?
PANDORA: My short film is about a man and a woman who meet in a bar and have an instant chemistry, but there are two things potentially holding them back. She’s White, he’s Black, and she’s almost 20 years older than he is. It’s a film that’s ended up being more timely than I expected, because it deals with the judgments in society that keep us from going after what we want. And we live in a very divisive time right now. It’s mainly about the perils of not being true to yourself and caring too much about what bigoted people in society tell you you should do.
CHRIS: What are some of your other upcoming mainstream projects?
PANDORA: As for my other mainstream acting roles, I was actually in that Cinemax show Banshee with Nadia White. We got to make out in a bar scene! I was also in a few independent films. I have a lead in a web series that’s filming this week, and I’ve also done voice-over for an upcoming 3D Virtual Reality sci-fi film.
CHRIS: With that, I’ll thank you for so candidly answering my questions, Pandora. In closing, any shout-outs or anything you’d like to say to your fans?
PANDORA: If they want to know more about me, just go to! And feel free to send me a message anytime! I love fan mail!

Pandora Jones

Pandora Jones
Photo by ProfGent, August 2015

Pandora Jones
From a 2016 episode of the adult TV series Gagged Girls

Skyler Grey & Pandora Jones
Pandora with her colleague Skyler Grey. Photo by Brendan JM.

A sample of Pandora catering to those with a thing for black attire …. and finger snapping.

See More of Pandora at:
Her Official Website
Pandora on Twitter




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