Diletta Vedovelli

Passionate Italian actress is one to watch for in the future

Diletta Vedovelli
Photo by Federico Ferrantini.

Born and raised in Perugia, Italy, actress Diletta Vedovelli set her sights on an acting career when she was in elementary school. At 14, she joined her first stage company. After high school, she pursued her dream to Rome, where she now lives. In 2015, she studied at the prominent New York Film Academy’s school in Florence, Italy. Known for its intensive training, Diletta appeared in several short film productions during her course of study at the NYFA.

The intensity Diletta can bring to a character can be seen in Eros Bosi’s recent horror short, Evil Selfie, which can be universally understood, even without subtitles. At the risk of giving a spoiler, Evil Selfie is a humorous look at today’s “selfie culture” within a horror short. Read on for Diletta’s comments on Evil Selfie, as well as more on her other projects, in what is her first interview with an English-language publication.


Diletta Vedovelli
From a 2013 performance of Emilio Seri’s play The Heart of the Matter at the Panicale Theater
CHRIS CHARLES: It’s a pleasure to be featuring you here, Diletta. So, you’re in Eros Bosi’s recent horror short, Evil Selfie. I recently saw it and loved the sort of humorous statement it made about today’s selfie craze. Please tell readers about it and the character you play.
DILETTA VEDOVELLI: Hi, Chris! Yes, I was asked to play this role, Mara, in Evil Selfie. Mara is a modern girl, very smart and strong, maybe more than her boyfriend, Fabiano. She loves taking selfies and playing with Facebook and other social networks, but she is a little bit jealous and neurotic, so Fabiano is going to have some problems with her. Especially when Isabella, the fanatic ghost, gets between them. I really loved to play this character, it was great fun and I loved it since I first read the screenplay. Also the crew was amazing!
CHRIS: It looked like it must have been fun to shoot. Your IMDb page just lists you role in Evil Selfie, but I know you’ve been in other films that probably aren’t familiar to American audiences. What are some notable Italian films you’ve been in?
DILETTA: Actually, I’ve just learned that I have a IMDb page! I’ve never done a Italian feature movie, so far. I’ve played in lots of short movies and music videos like Getting Over You by Fabio Geria and L’Amore Gridava by Michele Patucca. The short movie that I liked best was Regression directed by Roberto Echevarria with the great actress Jennifer Norton. The setting was Florence, but the crew was American.
CHRIS: Have you wanted to be an actress since you were a child?
Diletta Vedovelli
From a recent shoot with photographer Francesco Francia. Makeup by Brisi Mejdiaj.
DILETTA: Yes, absolutely. I started an acting course during primary school in my hometown, Perugia. Then, after high school, I moved to Rome to follow my dream. I remember that when I was a child, four or five years old, every day I’d put on my princess costume and stay at home and play Disney princesses in stories, so, I suppose I’ve always loved acting and performing.
CHRIS: You studied at the New York Film Academy’s school in Florence in 2015. What was you most memorable experience from that?
DILETTA: It’s a hard question. It is difficult for me to choose only one experience. I’ve met great people there. I enjoyed NYFA’s four-week program in Florence, which is the European headquarters of NYFA. My heart is still in Florence. I met filmmakers and actors from all over the world and we worked together every day for nine hours and more. We shot lots of short movies that are now in my portfolio. It was a great experience. Maybe the short movie that I prefer is Brain Means Brian by Fabio Geria. We shot in some of the most notable places in Florence; Ponte Vecchio and Uffizi’s gallery. This short is still unpublished. I hope it will soon be on Youtube or Vimeo.
CHRIS: Do you have plans to attend the NYFA’s home campus in New York someday?
DILETTA: I’ve never been in New York yet, but I hope to go soon.
CHRIS: What was the schedule like at the NYFA?
DILETTA: During the NYFA course, we can’t do other jobs because we have lessons nine hours a day and the rest of the time we have to shoot school projects, so there is no time for any other job.
CHRIS: Who are some of your favorite American actresses?
Diletta Vedovelli
Photo by Luciana Ciuffini
DILETTA: I really love Natalie Portman and Meryl Streep. I think that Meryl is the most polyhedral actress in the world. I’ve seen many movies with her, but my favorites are Kramer vs. Kramer and The Iron Lady. Natalie inspires me because she has a very sweet face and a tiny and delicate body, but she is very charismatic and strong in her roles. I’ve really liked her in Black Swan and Jackie. I think that is her best performance.
CHRIS: In some of your bios, it states you’re also are a comedienne. Do you do stand-up comedy on stage?
DILETTA: Actually, I’m not a comedienne. I’ve started my career playing in theater, but not as a comedienne, as an actress. Sometimes in comedy, other times in dramatic roles. I don’t really like stand-up comedy so much because sometimes there’s too much irony.
CHRIS: A few months ago, I did an interview with another Italian actress; Anita Giovannini. Have you heard of her?
DILETTA: I’m sorry, but no.
CHRIS: Yes, I suppose it’s not like all Italian actresses should know each other. So, I’ve read when you’ve said that you enjoy dancing the milonguero-style tango. Have you had any formal dance training?
Diletta Vedovelli
From David Geria’s short film, which loosely translates to “The Troublesome Woman”
DILETTA: When I was younger, I studied modern dance, but I didn’t feel confident with that, so I stopped studying dance, until I found Tango Argentino. This style is what I was looking for because it is more instinctive. There are no dance figures, but only you, your partner, and the music. All you have to do is just dance.
CHRIS: You also sing?
DILETTA: I’ve studied singing at the Drama Academy. I can sing and I really like to sing, but I consider this only a hobby or something that can make me a full actress.
CHRIS: Do you have any hobbies or interests that you don’t include on your bios?
I really like makeup. I’m graduated as professional makeup artist. In every performance, I use to do my makeup on my own and sometimes also for the other actresses.
CHRIS: What are some of your upcoming projects?
DILETTA: After three years in Perugia, I moved to Rome again a few weeks ago, so for now, I don’t have upcoming projects. I hope to soon find there more opportunities.
CHRIS: With that, I thank you for doing this, Diletta. In closing, is there anyone you would like to say hello to?
DILETTA: Thank you too Chris, it was a pleasure! I want also to thank my friends who follow me. Kisses!

Diletta Vedovelli
Photo: Virna Gambini. Location: Domus Volumnia.

Monologue entitled “Scavengers” Diletta performed while at the New York Film Academy.

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