Andrea Leal

Doing her part to keep Halloween sexy

Andrea Leal

Even though an Internet search may yield a couple of other Andrea Leals out there making their claim to fame, this Andrea Leal is definitely unique. Now calling Vancouver, Washington home, the semi professional model and avid Depeche Mode fan, has an eye-catching look that’s highlighted by gorgeous long hair, regardless of what color it may be at the time. Currently, it’s jet black, a color that yours truly thinks suits her best. Lean more on Miss Leal, including what her film debut may be, in her recent interview that follows. Above photo by Anjolie Tate.

Andrea Leal
Andrea’s most recent look
CHRIS CHARLES: I see you’re originally from San Jose?
ANDREA LEAL: Sadly, yeah, haha
CHRIS: Sadly?
ANDREA: Yeah, I hated that city. I couldn’t wait to leave it.
CHRIS: Okay, I’ll leave that one alone and ask; what brought you up to Vancouver, Washington?
ANDREA: Trying to give my kids something better. I loved living in Southern California, but the novelty had worn off.
CHRIS: So, can you tell me about your modeling background?
ANDREA: I started actually in December of ’15, with my friend Marlon. We’ve done a kitty shoot, where I was dolled up like a sexy kitty, a boudoir shoot, and a bondage shoot! (laughs)
CHRIS: What publications, print or online, have your photos appeared at before this one?
ANDREA: They haven’t (appeared at others) ….yet.
CHRIS: Well then, Idol Features is the first one.
ANDREA: Sweet!
CHRIS: Do you go beyond implied nudity or is that your limit?
ANDREA: I can be nude, but I like to cover myself. Leave something to the imagination, ya know?
CHRIS: Gotcha. So, have you ever done any type of acting?
ANDREA: I’m going to be in a horror film this summer actually. It’s called Crowley’s Tomb and it’s directed by my friend Casey Moore.
Andrea Leal
From the “Kitty” shoot with Marlon Miranda
CHRIS: I’ll definitely keep and eye out for that one. I see you recently dresses as Wednesday Addams. Have you ever dressed or cosplayed as any other well-known characters?
ANDREA: Yes. I used to cosplay as Harley Quinn with my friend Johnnie Reno, the OC Joker.
CHRIS: Do you ever attend any cosplay or horror events or conventions?
ANDREA: I did when I was in SoCal, but they don’t have those up here, or if they do, I don’t know about them. Vancouver (Washington) is very boring.
CHRIS: Do you have any photo shoots planned for the near future?
ANDREA: Not at the moment, no.
CHRIS: One last question for the curious; how many piercings do you have and where?
ANDREA: Four: My nose, my tongue, my monroe, and my ears.
CHRIS: Well with that, thank you for doing this, Andrea! In closing, do you have any shout-outs you like to give?
ANDREA: My friends Marlon Miranda and Anjolie Tate and my baby bats Katrina, David, Jonathon, and Melody.

Just a few selected examples of Andrea’s looks ….some of which are everyday looks:

Andrea LealAndrea Lean

Andrea LealAndrea Lean
From shoots with Anjolie Tate (left) and Marlon Miranda

Andrea LealAndrea Leal

 Andrea LealAndrea Leal
Very recent shots of Andrea as her “everyday self” and paying homage to Wednesday Addams

Andrea Leal
Another from the “Kitty” shoot with Marlon Miranda

Andrea Leal
Just relaxing at home

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