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From ballet to Batty Boop and everything in between

Victoria De MareBefore becoming one of the top Scream Queens in indie horror, Victoria De Mare trained and danced professionally with the Wilmington Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, and St. Croix Ballet companies. After she relocated to Los Angeles, she danced more contemporary styles with the Hart Pulse Dance Company before focusing on acting and singing.

In 2006, Victoria was dubbed by horror pundits as “Hollywood’s Hottest Scream Queen,” and with titles such as Psychon Invaders, Cutting Room, and Werewolf in a Women’s Prison, to her credit at that point, it was a distinction she was most worthy of having. Her continually growing list of credits now include Diary of a Serial Killer, Aliens vs. Avatars, Horrorween, and the latest three entries in the Killjoy the Demon Clown franchise, in which she plays arguably her best-known role to date, the evil and flamboyant Batty Boop.

As a singer and songwriter, Victoria is no slouch, either. She has several albums available on iTunes and Google Play, consisting of songs she not only wrote or co-wrote, but arranged and produced, as well. Just push play below to hear a sample of her single “Me” and listen on afterwards for her exclusive interview with Idol Features.

November 28th, 2016 interview with Victoria De Mare

Victoria as Batty BoopVictoria De Mare
Left: As Batty Boop, her character in the Killjoy the Demon Clown  franchise. Right: As
a vampire dominatrix at Dungeon West in Los Angeles for a music video shoot.

Victoria De MareVictoria De Mare
From shoots with Mark Tierney (left) and John Lechago

Tiffani Brooke Fest and Victoria De MareVictoria De Mare
Left: 2011 with Tiffani Brooke Fest at the Hollywood premiere of the TV series
Hell’s Kitty. Right: DVD cover shot for 2006’s Werewolf in a Women’s Prison.

Victoria De MareVictoria De Mare
Left: Promo shot for Dracula in a Women’s Prison for Girls and Corpses magazine. Right:
Shot from an April 2010 performance of “Worship Me” from when Victoria was fronting
the LA-based all-girl punk band, Black Room Doom.

Victoria De MareVictoria De Mare
As Mary in 2010’s  Bio Slime and as Mandy in 2011’s Aliens vs. Avatars

Psychon Invaders PosterWidescream Poster
Gracing the posters for a couple of her early films, both from 2006. Psychon Invaders
and Widescream, a re-cut film that was originally entitled Cutting Room.

Victoria De Mare
From a shoot with photographer Jeff Leroy

Victoria De Mare
Another shoot with Jeff Leroy, with less wardrobe

Victoria, Danielle, Erin, and Pandie
Left to right: Victoria, Danielle Harris, Erin Marie Hogan, and Pandie Suicide on the set for
the January 2017 Hustler magazine feature by Kelly Webb entitled “The Final Girls.” The
issue is currently on the stands, as well as available online from

Music video for Victoria’s 2014 single “There You Are”

See and hear more of Victoria at:
Her Official Website
Her IMDb Page
Her Facebook Fan Page
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