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Actress and former Miss Shockfest is now a popular "clickbait"

Sara BarrettActress Sara Barrett  is seemingly a favorite of photographers for certain Los Angeles area entertainment publications, and particularly of late. Whether she’s going into a theater or restaurant, walking through an airport, or rocking a bikini on a Southern California beach, chances are, there will be a camera there to capture her. Understandably so, as Sara is personable and always graciously stops to answer questions, as well as having great taste in swimwear. The former Miss Shockfest also recently turned quite a few heads at this year’s Monsterpalooza convention, when she arrived in a Tesla Model X and she was one of the MCs at last October’s Fantastic Horror Film Festival.

Sara, whose more notable screen credits include appearances on the TV series Hell’s Kitty and Criminal Minds, is confirmed for a role in Matthew Rosvally’s upcoming film, The Miranda Murders: Lost Tapes of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, which is based on the true story of a duo’s multiple murders in Northern California in the 1980s.

What follows is not the interview with Sara I had hoped for, as she chose not to answer over half of the questions I sent to her. However, even though certain information on Sara still remains unknown to this author, I at least did get the story on the “cat panties” exposure incident.

Sara Barrett
Promo shot for the 2000 film The Dead Hate the Living, that was one of two that caught the ire of a Christian group. (Article here)
CHRIS CHARLES: An couple of older photos of you, one where you’re wearing a see-through black negligee surfaced online recently and drew some attention as if they were sort of “scandalous,” but they was really mild photos. So, what shoot was that from and what seemed to be the big deal about it?
SARA BARRETT: That was a promotional shoot for the film, The Dead Hate the Living, which ran in Femme Fatales magazine. I have no idea what the big deal was about that picture. Somebody would have to tell me. I’m still trying to figure it out.
CHRIS: You recently attended Monsterpalooza in Burbank, where you arrived in a Tesla Model X. How did it that come about?
SARA: That was set up through actress/blogger Kristin West, who had this to say:
I have been blogging for years and love cars. When I learned about Green Commuter’s innovative program, I jumped at the chance to spread the word about how they are making Los Angeles greener. I knew that this would be the perfect car to take to one of my favorite events; Monsterpalooza. We had such a great time.
Tesla was having a promotion that may still be going on. (Author’s Note: as of this writing, it still is.) Kristin contacted me and asked if I would like to arrive at Monsterpalooza in the Tesla. Uh…YEAH! It was awesome. People went crazy for the car when we pulled up.
CHRIS: I understand you hosted the Fantastic Horror Film Festival last month.
Sara Barrett
Out and about in Beverly Hills earlier this year.
SARA: Yes, that was great. Joann and Mike Thomas are the founders of the festival and they are all about filmmakers getting their projects out there. Submissions are being accepted at for consideration in next years’ festival.
CHRIS: I’ve heard you say the fairly recent photos and video taken of you exiting your vehicle upon your arrival at the Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood, flashing your “cat panties” was not planned in advance. Rather, when you arrived and all the photographers were there, taking photos, since you happened to be wearing panties with a picture of a cat on the front, you just then decided to flash them. Is that correct?
SARA: They can all kiss my kitty. No. (laughs) It was not an accident in the classic sense of the word. I was playing a gag on a couple of the paparazzi. There are certain restaurants around town where the photographers will be on any given night and some of these photographers will try to get shots up women’s skirts as they are exiting their vehicles. I decided to turn things around, so the next time I arrived at Katsuya, I wore that underwear, so that if and when they tried their shenanigans, which they did, they would see the cat head. It was actually quite funny in the moment. The photographers were laughing and I was laughing. It was just a light-hearted joke. I never expected to receive such hate about it, even death treats. A slice of it for those so-inclined can be found on the In-Touch Facebook page. It was hurtful at first, but I haven’t let it change anything.
Sara Barrett
Arriving at the Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood last June, looking very “catty”
When commenters say I’m ugly I think, “Good. I’m not trying to attract you.” It hasn’t stopped my friends and I from doing crazy stuff in front of the photographers. Sometimes you just have to break up the monotony, have some fun, and not worry about what anybody says.
CHRIS: You were photographed rocking some bikinis on Santa Monica beach late last August and on Malibu beach in early September. Those were planned photo shoots?
SARA: It depends. Sometimes it will be a planned shoot at the beach and sometimes, when there happens to be photographers there, usually in the Malibu area, they will just start shooting. At this point, you can decide to pose and, actually, some great impromptu photo shoots have come out of some of those chance meetings. Ladies, and gents, if this happens to you on the beach and you don’t know the photographer, get a business card if you can. You will want to see your shots and, if the person happens to be a talented photographer, maybe you will want to plan a shoot together in the future.
CHRIS: Good advice. So, you’re slated to play Brenda O’Conner in Matthew Rosvally’s upcoming The Miranda Murders: Lost Tapes of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, which is based on a pair of men who, back in the mid-80s in Northern California, kidnapped and killed as many as 25 men, women and children. Brenda was one of those victims. Have you done much research into that case to prepare for the role?
Sara Barrett
Rocking a pink bikini on Malibu beach last September
SARA: Yes, the cast and crew viewed the actual footage repeatedly, which was not easy because you know that the people you’re watching were violently killed right after you see them on camera. But it was important to watch because Guil and Matt wanted to portray everything as true to life as possible, which couldn’t happen without multiple viewings. I wasn’t the only one in the cast who felt the weight of responsibility in portraying somebody who was actually lived and was murdered. You want to honor their memory by upholding the integrity of the project.
CHRIS: With that, I thank you again for taking the time to do this, Sara. In closing, any shout-outs to anyone?
SARA: Thank you so much for featuring me. I would like to thank my amazing manager, Matt Chassin, everyone who stood by me through the sh*t-storm and continues to show support, thank you.
CHRIS: Oh, just one last questions: How many times have you had to change your cell phone number so far this year?
SARA: (Laughs) Four times so far and, no, I don’t bother having business cards printed up anymore.

Sara Barrett Sara Barrett
Showing off her bikini body this year on the beaches of Malibu
(left) in August and Santa Monica in September.

Sara and Pennywise
Arriving with a friend in a jet black Tesla Model X at this year’s Monsterpalooza
in Burbank. Photo by John Cox of City Beat Live. Read more on this here.

Sara, in her brunette days, being interview by Dawna Lee Heising
at the 2014 Shockfest Film Festival in Hollywood.

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Sara Barrett

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