Paula Marcenaro Solinger as Marvelous Mandy

The above TV spot for Chase Dudley’s soon-premiering psychological thriller, Marvelous Mandy, in which Paula Marcenaro Solinger plays the title character, gives us a good taste of who and what Mandy Simpkins is. Paula, whom I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing back in December of 2013, gave me her summary of the character.

Marvelous Mandy Poster
Paula as Mandy Simpkins, gracing the film’s official poster

In Paula’s words:

Director Chase Dudley defined it as a cross between Misery and Fatal Attraction and I think it’s perfect. What I loved about the character is all her layers. Being Mandy truly was like peeling an onion (laughs). You are going to see her go through the widest possible range of emotions and it’s every actor’s dream to be able to portray them, so, hopefully I did a good job!

Knowing Paula is a real animal-lover who works with animals, I asked her if Mandy does anything remotely as messed-up as Glenn Close’s character did, by boiling the bunny in Fatal Attraction. She replied:

Mandy wouldn’t hurt an animal. Mandy creates her own world. Like a perfect, ideal world, but when the world isn’t as perfect as she pictured or people get in the way of her picture-perfect world, bad things happen.

Marvelous Mandy will be premiering at The Village 8 Theater in Louisville, Kentucky on October 23 (nine days from today, as this goes to press) and is slated for general release in December. For more information, see the film’s official Facebook page. To see more of Paula, check out her official website, IMDb page, Facebook page, Twitter and her December 2013 interview right here at Idol Features.


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