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Star of the upcoming retro horror film, Safe Place

Tiffany SefaOrlando-based actress Tiffany Sefa (pronounced “See-fa”) was brought to my attention by filmmaker Nicholas Damian Hunt, who’s cast Tiffany as “Lori” in his upcoming movie, Safe Place. Described as an old school-style horror film, Safe Place will be shot in and around Titusville, Florida, and the central story is of a man, who traded his life for a secluded existence, crossing paths with six youths. Since the opening crawler is reminiscent of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, one can assume, by the end of the film, youths’ head count will amount to less than six.

Besides acting, Tiffany enjoys photography and has recently gotten into cosplay. She attended this year’s Tampa Bay Comic Con as one of the Smite goddesses and she tells me has plans to do more of those characters at future events. An interesting footnote, and one reason acting is in her blood, is that she was third cousin to a very famous actor. To find out who that was, as well as more on Tiffany and her projects, just press play to here my recent interview with Tiffany.

September 1, 2016 interview with Tiffany Sefa

Tiffany Sefa
September 2015 at Full Sail
University soundstages

Tiffany Sefa
In attendance to see Room 236, in which
Tiffany played “Charlie Fox”

Tiffant Sefa
As the Smite goddess Nu Wa for
Tampa Bay Comic Con

Tiffant Sefa
On set last May, during the shooting
of The Iconic Time Box

Tiffant Sefa
From a video Tiffany appeared in for the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel

Tiffant Sefa
In makeup during the shooting of Mark Doster’s horror short, Neck for Neck
Tiffany Sefa
Earlier this year at New Symrna Beach


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