Rachael Robbins – Behind the Scenes with Mike James

Rachael Robbins

At my request, my friend, esteemed pinup photographer Mike James, once again delved into his photo archives to come up with some candid, behind-the-scenes shots of another one of the lovely ladies who’s worked with him over the last several years.

Rachael Robbins, who was included in my first James Girls feature and a subsequent solo interview, has compiled a long and impressive modeling and acting resume that includes Playboy magazine to, more recently, her outstanding performance as the leader of the Van Houten sisters in Ken Del Vecchio’s horror Bleeding Hearts. The above 2007 shot of Rachael relaxing while Mike was setting up for a shoot, as well as all of the following photos, are being published here for the first time, anywhere.

At left is an outtake of Rachael washing her own Jaguar for a bikini car wash shoot in Mike’s studio/garage. During that shoot, she found a Louisville Slugger in Mike’s prop bin and posed with it (at right). If you notice that Rachael, a righty, is holding the bat “cross-handed,” you may find it interesting to know that baseball great and home run king Henry Aaron did the same thing when he was a kid.

Mike has been known to start some of his shoots a little early by snapping a shot or two of his models checking their makeup and outfits before taking their mark. According to Mike, the sheer swimsuit Rachael’s checking out in mirror at right, didn’t have to get wet to become see-through.

Rachael’s donned the leather and latex more than once for
Mike’s camera. Above are from separate 2002 shoots.

Left: Getting ready in the guest room at Mike’s home. Right: Being assisted lacing up her corset by fellow James Girl and now top Hollywood stuntwoman, Jasi Lanier, who was also included in my first James Girls feature.

Relaxing on the set with Jasi and helping her with her makeup during 2002 shoots.

Jasi Lanier & Rachael Robbins
Also long-time friends, Rachael and Jasi go (at least) as far back together as the 1999 horror film Terror Firmer, in which they both appeared.
Rachael Robbins
Said Mike of this impromptu shot of Rachael: “I like her goofing off with this pillow. She was riding it like a Kentucky Derby jockey.”
Rachael Robbins
In full-on James Girl mode, quickly running to get something out of her car in the rain

Even though the shot at left looks like it’s from a published set, it’s technically a behind-the-scenes shot as it was snapped right after Rachael had gotten ready and was leaving her room to go to the set. As a bonus (and even though it’s not a behind-the-scenes candid shot, it’s a rarity nonetheless), at right is Rachael as a not-so-innocent-looking Alice in Wonderland. This shot is from a commissioned photo shoot Mike did for the cover of the band That Rabbit’s Dyn-O-Mite’s 2005 album, Sex and Violence. Another reason for the inclusion of this photo is to give a sort of hat-tip to an upcoming Idol Features interview with a lady who portrayed a very memorable Alice in a classic film version of the story.

Another big thanks to Mike James of Azimuth Designs.



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