Tina Krause – Behind the Scenes with Mike James

Actress Tina Krause was featured in my second installment on the models of prominent pinup photographer Mike James. She first shot with Mike in 1997 and has done shoots with him almost every year since. She’s appeared with Mike at trade shows and events as the official spokesmodel for Azimuth Design, as well as appeared in print ads for the company. In essence, James Girl Tina is to Azimuth Designs, what Hooters Girl Lynne Austin was to Hooters restaurants.

Mike recently send me the exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos you see here, that he’s taken of Tina during some of the shoots he’s done with her for the past 19 years. A veteran of well over 100 horror films since her acting debut in 1994, Tina has truly earned the distinction of being a Scream Queen icon. She has yet to give an interview to yours truly, due to her always hectic schedule, but stay tuned for that. It goes without saying who all the photo credits here go to.

At left, getting ready for a 2003 shoot in Mike’s studio, that also doubles
as his garage, as you can see in the 2004 shot, at right.

Left: Shot taken from above in Mike’s studio as Tina takes her mark for a 2004 shoot.
Right: Tina checking out one of her shots alongside Mike’s partner, Sandy.

During a meal break at Mike’s house in full James Girl mode. When shooting on location, Mike
has been known to take his models out to lunch, also when they’re in full James Girl mode.

Tina at the breakfast table. Mike’s models often stay at his home during their shoots, which
usually take about three days, as Mike doesn’t like to rush when he’s working.

Representing Azimuth Designs at a 2000 Trade show

Tina Krause
Relaxing before a convention in full James Girl mode
Tina Krause
In the hotel room, ready to go down to the convention center to appear alongside Mike at Azimuth Designs’ trade show booth.
Tina Krause
Selecting from her vast array of makeup before a 2006 shoot
Tina Krause
Tina doing her own makeup before a 2006 shoot at Mike’s home.
Tina Krause
Tina getting ready in the studio. If that Chevy pickup of Mike’s could talk, it would have some great stories to tell, as it’s transported many a James Girl, as well as Mike’s equipment, to various photo shoot locations over the years.

Big thanks again to Mike James of Azimuth Designs

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