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Producer and star of the upcoming comedy-horror Zombinatrix

January 2024 Author’s Addendum: Since the “hot topic” covered in this interview was the status on the production of Bianca’s announced film, Zombinatrix, here’s the current scoop on that. To date, Zombinatrix has still not been completed, much to the frustration of fans and (especially) financial backers. There have been numerous casting changes and production delays since this interview was done with Bianca, but still no concise updates or any anticipated date of release. However, the below article and audio interview, which was one of the first conducted to promote the film after it was first announced, will remain in their original and unedited forms. For future updates on the status of the film Zombinatrix, at this point; Google is our friend.

Actress and producer Bianca Allaine talks Zombinatrix and more in her third exclusive interview with Idol Features. Initially announced last summer, as covered here, and set to start filming in April, Zombinatrix was co-written by Bianca and she also stars as Mistress Tawny, a lady who’s “into whips and brains.” Also tentatively slated to appear in the film in her long-awaited screen comeback, is Frankenhooker herself, cult icon Patty Mullen.

Besides giving as many details on the highly anticipated Zombinatrix as she can at this point, Bianca also talks about several of other projects that include her earlier works such as 2008’s Albino Farm, in which her beauty was hidden under the makeup and appliances of the “Pig Bitch,” and her web horror film review show, Watch These Films with Bianca Allaine. She also gives the status on some of her other films listed at her IMDb page, a few that probably won’t be seen anytime soon. See more of Bianca at her official website and, even though it’s four and a half years old, check out her first interview here from August 2011, when she was known professionally as Bianca Barnett. Above photo by by Michael Kyne.

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  1. Good interview. I know Bianca didn’t confirm Patty Mullen’s inclusion in Zombinatrix, but it was still premature for her and Michael to disclose Patty’s interest in the film publicly at that point. They should have waited until it was a done deal with Patty. As a longtime fan of Bianca, I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt that Zombinatrix will be completed. Her latest update at Indiegogo was just a few days ago and she says the project has moved to LA.

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