Ruby Tuesday

From American Bandstand dancer to pro wrestler

Whether known by her real name of Robin Lisa Kelly, her ring name the Red Snapper (among others), or her stage name Ruby Tuesday, this lady has had a colorful life and career under all of her names. Now a hairstylist in Southern California, Ruby (as I’ll stick with here) is very open about her past, not that there’s any reason for her not to be. She’s got some stories to tell, along with some names to drop, and a jaw-dropping photo collection to document her escapades.

Ruby’s show biz career began when she was a teenager and got a gig as a regular dancer on American Bandstand, which lasted six years. Then came her stint as the “Red Snapper,” during the early-80s, when nightclub mud wrestling was in its heyday. She went on to wrestle under a couple of different ring names and later became an exotic dancer and adult magazine model.

This written interview is being published concurrently with the audio interview Ruby did tonight for Idol Features’ podcast channel, where, besides Ruby’s, you’ll find several other of our audio interviews. Stay tuned for many more, among which will probably be a Part 2 with Ruby, in the near future. Above photo of Ruby as the Red Snapper at the Hollywood Tropicana, circa 1984, is from her personal collection.

January 19th audio interview, in which you can hear Ruby give
more details on some of her replies written below.

Ruby Tuesday
Ruby still rocks a string bikini to this day.
CHRIS CHARLES: How long were you a regular dancer on American Bandstand?
RUBY TUESDAY: Six years. From 1973-79.
CHRIS: Did you get ever get to hang out with Dick Clark?
RUBY: Never “hung out” but did get the enjoyment of talking to him and watching him work.
CHRIS: How about any of the guests who appeared on the show? Get to know any of them?
RUBY: I’ve seen a few of the “guest” throughout the years at different concerts and stuff and some are friends on Facebook. like Rick Dees (DJ and “Disco Duck” fame) and KC & The Sunshine Band. I also follow them on Twitter.
CHRIS: How did you get started in adult entertainment?
RUBY: Female mud wrestling opened the door to adult magazines and Queen Kong introduced me to Mistress Antonia and I did my first “adult” magazine shoot.
CHRIS: What were some of the magazines you were featured in?
RUBY: Reflections (Fetish Mag), Girls Over 40Over 40, Mature Nympho, assorted topless boxing mags …and some mags that I don’t even know the names of (LAUGHS). Yeah, I know, I should’ve inquired.
CHRIS: That is just so cool. So, I know you worked with our mutual friend, Debra Lamb. When and where did you two first meet?
RUBY: The Body Shop in Hollywood. We were both performers doing Burly Q.
CHRIS: Do you keep in touch with many of the ladies you performed with back in your heyday?
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby’s debut as the Red Snapper, circa 1982
RUBY: Yes, some are on Facebook and we keep tabs.
CHRIS: What were some of your favorite clubs that you performed at?
RUBY: Tropicana (Hollywood), Body Shop (Hollywood), Smokey Stovers (Orange County), Palomino (Las Vegas), Pussycat (Las Vegas).
CHRIS: Who were some of your favorite performers from the old days of burlesque?
RUBY: Gypsy Rose Lee. It’s WHY I chose to impersonate her.
CHRIS: You also appeared in some films and some direct-to-video stuff, didn’t you?
RUBY: I did “extra” work in a few films. Again, stuff in the 80’s. Stand By Your Man, The Starmaker, a few TV spots; Eye On LA, 2 on the TownPeoples Court, Montel, Elimidate, and a few others.
CHRIS: What was it like to wrestle Andy Kaufman in 1981?
RUBY: It was FUN. I pinned him twice!!
CHRIS: Did he fight dirty?
RUBY: He fought dirty …but I didn’t let that stop me from pinning him!
CHRIS: How about the other girls you wrestled? Were many of them ever “unsportsmanlike”?
RUBY: Lots of them did not like actually wrestling, unfortunately, and they started getting boob jobs and no longer chose to really wrestle. It’s why I started wrestling men.
CHRIS: Did you prefer that to wrestling women?
RUBY: YES!! I LOVED wrestling the men. Not only did they not cry, but every once in a while, I managed to cop a feel so to speak.
Ruby Tuesday and Rick Dees
Circa 1975 with DJ Rick Dees of “Disco Duck” fame
CHRIS: Did you get your ring name “The Red Snapper” just because of your flaming red hair at the time?
RUBY: Yes, I was called the “Red Snapper” due to my flame red hair and matching flame red pubic hair. There was also a movie where the guy asked “How will I know if it is her??” and the response was; “She will have a snapping red pussy.” I think the movie was Flesh Gordon.
CHRIS: You also did some “foxy boxing” as well?
RUBY: Yes, I also did Foxy Boxing.
CHRIS: How many bikinis are in your vast collection?
RUBY: Currently?? About 40, but I’ve been told my lingerie collection is insane. I easily have over 100 bras and over 200 panties/G-strings/garters/stockings. I LOVE Lingerie. If I had a choice between buying food or panties, panties would win!
CHRIS: You’re also a recent cosplayer. Have you attended any cosplay events?
RUBY: Haven’t been able to attend any events, but I do enjoy doing it for Youtube. I miss the stage. I miss performing so, Youtube is a good outlet.
CHRIS: Any plans to appear again on the stage or at any events where fans can meet you?
RUBY: I do Youtube so friends and fans can watch any current cosplay, burlesque, and/or stripping. I haven’t done the stage thing since 2002. Once the clubs started charging the performers to take their clothes off in a place that advertises “topless,” I decided I would not pay someone to get undressed. That’s just crazy. Youtube allows me to perform without paying some bar owner a “stage fee.”
CHRIS: I know you’ve had your share of “war wounds” throughout your career. Any that you’d care to mention?
Ruby Tuesday as Rockin' Rebel
Rockin’ Rebel backstage at the Indiana Hoosier Dome, circa 1985. This was Ruby’s ring persona after her Red Snapper days.
RUBY: Due to all the years of dancing and wrestling, I’ve endured complete bi-lateral hip and leg replacements. I am titanium from the hip to the knees on both sides. Modern technology is amazing! My favorite “scar” though, is from a personal adventure with Billy Idol. I got it on my right calf. It’s two inches wide. It came from his Cobra 427 and a bunch of fucking (laughs).
CHRIS: Besides Billy Idol and the one I believe you can’t legally mention, would you care to drop any other famous names you dated?
RUBY: (Laughs) Dated or fucked?? Ummm, yes, actually there have been more than a few famous men I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying naked. A few of them I’m following on Twitter. Figure it out! (laughs).
CHRIS: It’s no secret, especially since news stories and your appearance on the Montel Williams Show regarding this are at your Youtube channel, that you were one of the first people in the US to be charged with cyber stalking. I won’t ask you to go into the details here, because I’ll post links to those videos along with this interview, so readers can get filled in on the details of the case, but one question: In an interview several years ago, you said you’d love that man until the day you die and that you hoped he would become a better person and quit lying. Are those still your feelings today?
RUBY: Tis true. I was the first and technically still the ONLY person to be arrested and jailed for so called “cyberstalking,” but luckily, I got a good lawyer AFTER I got out of jail who proved “legal malpractice.” It’s not against the law, then or now, to embarrass someone with the truth ….or demand an apology publicly. The website that had been shut down by the police illegally is online (The Politics Of Jim Day).
Ruby Tuesday
Circa 1990
Ironically though, I was arrested for embarrassing a man about his leading a double life. It’s not illegal for me to tell people WHY I was arrested and, more importantly, it’s not illegal to tell the truth. And yes, I will always love him …even though he lied to me and donated good money to have me arrested …the fact remains we had seven years of great sex! (laughs) Seriously, he may have fucked me over, but he fucked me good while he was doing it (laughs). Reality is, I learned a valuable lesson. I will never demand an apology from a man again …and now, when I meet a man I might want to kiss, I ask “are you married or in a relationship??” If they say “no,” I ask for five people to verify it. Go to the website. There you will see the actual police report, and note; I never threatened him. I only demanded an apology on my website, so I could be allowed to move into an apartment here in California. I had been evicted from MY apartment when his wife showed up causing a scene. MY apartment that he never paid a dime on. MY apartment that I had lived at for seven years, and had allowed him to stay there, rent free. After I got evicted, the morning AFTER his wife came to MY apartment shouting obscenities. I came here to be close to family members and figure out where I was gonna live – I tried to get an apt and every complex had told me I had been blacklisted on the renters list which meant I could not rent anywhere despite having the cash to pay for five years in advance, so I called and asked for an apology so the landlords would know my eviction was a result of his deception.
Ruby (left) gracing the cover of the 1980s B&D magazine Reflections with two models who now reside in the “Whatever Happened to..?” file
Long story short; I created the website. I showed pics of our seven years and demanded an apology from him and his wife who allowed him to pretend to be single rather than strap on a strap on, he called the police and his good friend “Bruce,” who was in charge of the DA’s office and asked for advice, and made a “donation.” They told him he had to claim he was “in fear for his life” in order for this to even “fly” in the court room. I was arrested dropping my son off at school, and the detective had the audacity to claim “it wasn’t illegal for Mr. Day to lie to you for over seven years to get sex, but it was illegal for you to tell the truth and embarrass him in the community in which he resides. He is in fear for his life because everyone knows who he is,” then he stated I ruined his reputation. At that point, I knew he had actually ruined his own reputation. I just drew attention to it.
CHRIS: Wow. I’ll say that quite a story, and I’ll leave it at that. So with that, I’ll again say thank you so much for doing this Ruby. In closing, is there anything you’d like to say to fans or any shout-outs to anyone?
RUBY: You’re welcome! And to my fans; head over to Youtube to subscribe and if you want to send me an e-mail with any request, head over to my website. Oh, and shout out to Billy Idol! You will always be my favorite scar, and ….ummm, I’m still single if you ever want to “connect” again!

With fellow bikini wrestling icon Pamela Ward, circa 1986

Ruby, know as the Red Snapper here, doing battle against Queen Kong
(Dee Booher) at the Hollywood Tropicana, circa 1983.

During Ruby’s mid-80s stint in POWW (Powerful Women Of Wrestling). At left, with Dee Booher aka Queen Kong. At right, with Brandie Mae aka the California Doll and aka the Farmer’s Daughter. Ruby tells me; “I was known as the ‘Rockin’ Rebel’ in POWW which was a spinoff of GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). David McLane started it after the falling out he had with Matt Cimber. A lot of the same gals that were in GLOW were also in POWW. The difference being licensed by the Athletic Commission and performing in arenas.” You aficionados of ladies wrestling in the 80s will appreciate that info.

Recent photos of Ruby. At left, ringing in 2016 and at right, paying tribute to the man she pinned
twice, Andy Kaufman, on what would have been his 67th his birthday, January 17th.

See more of Ruby at:
Her Official Website
Her Youtube Channel
Ruby on Twitter

January 25th Update: Excerpts from the video Ruby recorded during our Skype interview.


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