Kim Acrylic

Poet and author of Rock 'N' Roll Melancholy

Kim Acrylic, from Seattle Washington, is a poet, recording artist, and indie music journalist, who dedicated her life to poetry at age 15. Since then, she has published four volumes of poetry, and finally an anthology of everything she has written in the book The Myth Behind All Truth, in which artist and musician, Chris Mars, did the cover for.

Kim has worked for several online music and poetry magazines including Punk Globe, The Battered Suitcase and Reviewer magazine. She has been published in several anthologies and blogs including Little Episodes’ first volume of poetry Back In 5 Minutes, alongside the likes of Sadie Frost, Clint Catalyst, Lucy Barat, Charlie Sheen, and Michael Madsen. She also collaborated with Andy Warhol, posthumously, for the New Britain Museum of Modern Art by writing a poem inspired by his painting of Manray for the book Visions, Voices, and Verses. As of to date, Kim has two CDs out; Fanfare Meltdown and an E.P Techno Eyes. She continues to collaborate to this day with artists all over the world, and has finished her first novel Rock ‘N’ Roll Melancholy.

LADYASLAN: What inspired you to write your series?
KIM ACRYLIC: I have been writing poetry since I was small. Then I got inspired by the likes of Jim Morrison, the Beats, and French poets when I was 15. I really started taking what I did serious around that time in my life. I was a loner girl, going to local gigs in downtown Seattle, reading Rimbaud. (Laughs) I was always a strange girl. Never fit in or had many friends. I wrote dark, really dark poems. What my friends and family at the time called “goth,” but since then, I grew out of that genre. I realized I could be dark without being gothic, if that makes any sense. I realized I didn’t need a label at all, as I was kinda all over the place. But as for being inspired to really write, it was a random cyber bully. Never talked with him/her in my life, but they messaged me saying “You call yourself a writer, well what have you done? Nothing I bet. You are nothing!” As soon as I read that, I said “screw this!” and typed up every poem I’d ever written at the time and published it. I needed that anonymous motivation, I think. And yes, I later thanked that person for being a douche! (laughs) As for my novel; well, that’s a different story. I never thought I could write a story …EVER! and was very vocal about not being able to. Mind you, I had never tried, but I felt I was too impatient to put all the millions of tales in my head to paper. I don’t quite know what inspired me to actually do it last year, but I did. And I didn’t stop until it was done. I blame caffeine!
LADYASLAN: Summarize your books in one to three sentences, as if you were speaking to someone unfamiliar with your books and their topics.
KIM: The poetry book, The Myth Behind All Truth, can easily be summarized as abstract and very surreal. It’s actually pretty sexual, too, without being erotica. If Dali and Morrison had a love child, it would be my poetry. As for my novel, Rock ‘n’ Roll Melancholy, that is a very sad, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll tragedy. A Shakespeare-meets-a-Rob Sheffield offspring.
LADYASLAN: What is the overall theme, central topic, subject, or concept of your books?
KIM: My poetry is no doubt very surreal. Mind trip with abstract flavor. I like to make people read, and re-read the lines. A literary acid trip, as it were. My novel is straightforward. It’s a very easy, fast-flowing, entertaining read. A lot of people think I’m on drugs because the topic is very drug-ridden, and also has the style of one who is or has been on drugs might write. But trust me, I’ve only ever written sober.
LADYASLAN: Where does this book take place?
KIM: My novel takes place in Seattle, Washington. My homeland! There are scene in other countries, like the UK, but it’s very much a local book to me. Heavily influenced by the 60s and 90s and the grunge genre.
LADYASLAN: Who are the main characters and why are they so important to the story?
KIM: Sadie and Aries are the main characters. They are the children I will never have, in my mind. I think they are so important in Rock ‘n’ Roll Melancholy, because they are so raw, so real. Easily readable and lovable. I think that’s what makes the story so heartbreaking. You can actually empathize with the both of them in many, realistic ways. I’ve had people tell me they can’t shake the story many books later, or that they want more of them. Ending that book was hard. Very hard to say goodbye to them. Hard to end the story.
LADYASLAN: How is your book relevant in today’s society?
KIM: It’s a very modern tale of addiction, musicians, heartbreak, mental illness, and love. Those things are just timeless, however, I made this book very modern with references to current pop culture and tech gadgets. I think we are all forever thirsty for true love, and I think we can all relate to addictions, even if it’s not drugs. People are hooked on sex, Facebook, video games, what have you. Especially in today’s society with so much instant gratifications.
LADYASLAN: Is there any subject currently trending in the news that relates to your books?
KIM: Most of today’s trending news is sadly, war and terrorism, gun violence, etc. No, I don’t have that in my novels, but I do touch abstractly on that stuff in my poetry. But again, you gotta really read between my metaphor-ridden lines. I’m queen of metaphors!
LADYASLAN: How did you learn about the topic? From personal experience, education, or ?
KIM: For my novel it was just life experience. Seeing friends go through stuff, reading a lot of books,education, and seeing loads of films. I’m a big observer too. I did have to research some of the medical info I wrote about, but mostly it’s just learned though experience or seeing it first or second hand.
LADYASLAN: What makes your book different from other books like it?
KIM: I will say that it isn’t the most original thing you will read. It’s my first story, come on! ….but it’s ending is original in ways I obviously can not say. I also wrote with a lot of prose and most people don’t when writing about this subject.
LADYASLAN: What other creative endeavors do you enjoy?
KIM: I have so many! I love interviewing and reviewing bands and music. I love collaborating vocally and poetically with musicians, improv acting – would love to do more of it- making short films, photography, and photo manipulation. I also love fashion and putting pieces of clothing together. I do hair, I cut and dye my own. Collage art, digital and old school, abstract painting, etc.
LADYASLAN: What is the last concert you attended and did you enjoy it?
KIM: I saw Kimya Dawson, of Moldy Peaches fame, this summer. Was a tiny in-store performance. Was pretty good. I felt like I was in an episode of Portlandia. There were all these typical, Northwest hipster types sitting in a circle while she sang to us, as if we were in pre-school. But it didn’t really inspire me. My last REAL gig was Jarvis Cocker of Pulp. That was a religious experience! Completely inspired me, and he was a sweetie to me. He held my hand a few times. I fan-girled, I’m guilty!
LADYASLAN: Finish this sentence: In my next life, I’m coming back as a …?
KIM: Sexy, creative, successful, healthy, happy, guy. Let’s give that a shot! With lovely hands, long fingers, and a very feminine stance. A beautiful boy.
LADYASLAN: What is one work of art you wish you had produced, and why?
KIM: Anything Mai Ja, Saccstry, or Chris Mars ….yes, that Chris Mars of the Replacements, has done. I am so envious of their amazing, artistic talents. Chris Mars did my poetry book cover. I feel so blessed to have had him capture the perfect vibe of my work.
LADYASLAN: Do you have an existing website or blog? If so, please provide.
KIM: I sure do! And links to my books! My novel can be purchased for 99 cents at Amazon and my poetry book can be found there for 99 cents, as well.


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