Ladies of The Coed and the Zombie Stoner

These days, if a filmmaker throws the word “zombie” in a movie title with anything that implies there’s going to be some gratuitous T&A, the film’s going to get some serious attention from horror fans and pundits. Set it at a summer camp, women’s prison, or an institute of higher learning, as we have here, and all the better. Such is the case with last year’s comedy-horror, The Coed and the Zombie Stoner. The film’s been panned by most reviewers all over the net (including yours truly), but certainly not overlooked. In fact, it may become a cult favorite in the years to come. The film’s tagline; “sex, drugs and the walking dead,” simply states the content of this gem.

Pictured above is star Catherine Annette, who plays hot lab nerd Chrissie, whose sexiness seems to be well-concealed by her eyeglasses. As so colorfully explained to her by her foul-mouthed sorority president, Chrissie has to snag a frat boyfriend or else she’ll get kicked out of her sorority. Although Miss Annette plays a “straight” role, she isn’t exempt from popping her top in a brief scene. She also appeared last year in famed B-movie director Fred Olen Ray’s After Midnight. She’ll be in Josh Eisenstadt’s upcoming Spreading Darkness and is “rumored” to be in the slated-for-2017 Vampire Schoolgirls. Click on on either one of Catherine’s breasts to play the full trailer for The Coed and the Zombie Stoner.

Jamie Noel plays the aforementioned wonderfully gutter-mouthed sorority president Bambi, who’s not blonde or ditzy, despite the moniker. Besides having cursing skills that rival any drunken sailor, truck driver, or politician who has no idea he’s being recorded, Jamie provides this T&A film with arguably the best T&A. Jamie has had many small roles in various films over the last few years, mainly as “eye candy.” The 2014 short Two Guys & a Gal, which she also wrote, doesn’t show her talents as good as this film does.

The most surprising instance of full nudity in this film has got to be that of Korean-American actress Lena Young (aka Lena Hwang, above right). Even though Lena checked “no” for “shoots nudes” at her Model Mayhem page, she sure made an exception here for her role as ditzy sorority girl “Bibi.” (Perhaps she was referring to only still photography.) Alongside Dora Pereli (above left), Lena bares all (unless you count wearing shoes) in a cross-campus streak scene, in which we’re treated to Lena and Dora as sorority sisters leading an underwear (which neither of their characters wear) run, unaware that a good portion of the student body have become zombies by that point. However, the girls make their way to safety and soon find out what it takes to sedate and subdue the flesh-eaters. Look for Lena in the upcoming TV comedy series Hollywood Hustlers and more of Dora can be seen in the 2015 comedy All American Bikini Car Wash and she’ll also be appearing in an upcoming TV show entitled About Us.

Another notable Asian lady in the cast, albeit in a much smaller and surprisingly fully-clothed role, is veteran nude model and B-movie actress Christine Nguyen, who plays the university librarian. No stranger to T&A comedy-horror flicks, herself, you can see much more of Christine in such gems as Ghost in a Teeny Bikini, Voodoo Dollz, and in the 2016-slated Attack of the Killer Donuts.

Reality show star Mindy Robinson has a small, clothed role as Nurse Escandalo. Mindy has a long list of past and upcoming credits to her name. Some of the other notable ones of the horror variety to check her out in are Dracula: The Impaler, The Bitch That Cried Wolf, which also stars Idol Features favorite, Sarah French.

Jamie Noel, Dora Pereli, Lena Young, and Scotty Mullen
Jamie Noel, Dora Pereli, and Lena Young behind the scenes with director Scotty Mullen

Judging by this behind the scenes video with Dora, Lena, and Jamie,
filming took place during the 2013 Christmas season.

The above two-minute (definitely NSFW) scene of Dora Pereli and Lena Young’s cross-campus streak, gives a good gist of what this film’s all about. As I mentioned in a previous article and in my review of this film; I wouldn’t put The Coed and the Zombie Stoner at the top of my “to watch” list for Halloween horror, as it leans way more toward comedy than it does horror, and lame sophomoric comedy at that, but due to its pretty female cast, gratuitous nudity, and Jamie Noel’s awesome filthy-mouthed performance, it’s worth a look for those of us who enjoy this type of stuff ….on occasion.



  1. I saw this but had no idea Christine Nguyen was in it until I read this. Too bad she didn't have a bigger role because I think she still looks young enough to have played a sorority girl.

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