Alexis Iacono

Native New York actress making her mark in LA

The daughter of an award-winning sports photographer, actress Alexis Iacono began her career on the stage in and around her native New York City. She made the permanent move to Los Angeles exactly two years ago and says she hasn’t looked back since. She’s has given winning performances in such films as Prescott Place, The Black Dahlia Haunting and Dead Sea, and will be seen in upcoming roles in The Ballad of Tennessee Rose, and the Caitlin Kazepis written and directed “short” (even thought its run-time is listed at 75 minutes), The Pipeline.

Alexis also has a strong dance and music background. Her bio states she was a dancer on the MTV show The Grind, and she tells me she is a skilled tap dancer and cellist, even though her cello may now be collecting dust. Oh, and if you’re a video gamer, you might recognize her voice. Above photo (taken in 2014, and not exclusively for this interview, but that’s okay) courtesy of Alexis, herself.

Alexis Iacono
From a 2013 shoot with Al Ortega
CHRIS CHARLES: I understand you have a strong theater background. Did you see yourself eventually moving on to films when you first started acting on stage?
ALEXIS IACONO: My soul is theater but my heart is films. Even as a little girl the word “actress” always represented both stage and film because I always knew I could do both.
CHRIS: Would you like to return to the stage someday or is that behind you now?
ALEXIS: Funny you should say that. I was in New York this past week and reconnected with my theater company director, actor Tom Waites, and as we were sharing show biz war stories, I saw myself in the very near future putting a staged reading together. And I have the perfect play in mind.
CHRIS: You’re a native New Yorker. In fact, as you mentioned, you were there just last week. How much time do you spend back there vs. the West Coast?
ALEXIS: I moved to LA October 2013 and haven’t looked back. However, I must visit my family on Long Island and walk the West Village streets twice a year to recharge the batteries.
CHRIS: You first came to my attention while I was doing research on Sarah Nicklin for her interview here last month, and I also saw you in some cast photos from The Black Dahlia Haunting. What was it like for you making that one?
Alexis Iacono
From the 2013 Gore magazine shoot promoting The Black Dahlia Haunting
ALEXIS: The Penny Dreadful Picture Show, working alongside Scream Queen and now one of my closest friends, Devanny Pinn and Sid Haig was technically my first “horror” film. Devanny Pinn and film director Brandon Slagle, pitched me Black Dahlia Haunting. I was portraying a true character, Elizabeth Short, who was brutally murdered, and the scene I did with Cleve Hall will always leave an imprint. After we wrapped, I needed to wipe my hands of it. It took a while for that to happen. I have a hard time watching the scene to this day.
CHRIS: Yes, Elizabeth Short was the victim of one of Hollywood’s most infamous, unsolved murders. Did you do much research on her and the case when you took that role?
ALEXIS: I worked alongside a Dahlia expert and he showed me the streets where Elizabeth walked, where she lived, ate …I sat in the same bars …I didn’t read too much about her. I knew who she was immediately.
CHRIS: Any speculations or personal theories on who the murderer was?
ALEXIS: Yes. And I was on the same radio show of the speculated murderer. We are dear friends today and I wish to respect her privacy at this time.
CHRIS: I see. So, moving on; you did Prescott Place just before Black Dahlia. Did you draw on any person or character to play Jane Prescott or to come up with the voice for Babydoll?
ALEXIS: A little of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Twilight Zone ….and a whole lot of chewing the scenery.
Alexis Iacono
As Jane Prescott in Prescott Place
CHRIS: I saw some photos of you at on location at the Roy Rogers Ranch this summer. What film was that for?
ALEXIS: I produced a film with my producing partners Caitlin Kazepis and Teena Pugliese called The Pipeline. A story based around the Alaskan Pipeline. Oil. I am also one of the leads alongside Caitlin, Barry Corbin from No Country For Old Men, Wes Studi from Last of the Mohicans, and Brian Howe from HBO’s The Newsroom. The Roy Rogers location was a cab scene where I go to work with the funny Mike Bray from Tenacious D, who’s also known as Sasquatch.
CHRIS: You were great in Dead Sea, as was Devanny Pinn. Do you prefer roles that are more emotionally challenging, as yours was, rather than physically challenging, as hers seemed to be?
ALEXIS: It depends where I am at creatively. I have done lots of physical roles on stage, and emotional ones on camera. My character in The Pipeline is the most mature character I have portrayed.
CHRIS: How long were you on location in Big Bear shooting Dead Sea?
ALEXIS: A long fun Jacuzzi-filled weekend …but we all worked very hard!! It was a very fast paced shoot. Very memorable.
CHRIS: Besides The Pipeline, another film you’re cast in, that’s also currently in pre-production and slated for next year, is The Ballad of Tennessee Rose. Can you tell me anything about that one and your character?
Alexis Iacono
Makeup artist Cindy Cee applying mosquito bites to Alexis on the set of The Pipeline
ALEXIS: I will be playing the wife of actor Bill Oberst Jr. And that is all I can tell you at this time. It is a very powerful scene. We’re slated to shoot at the top of 2016.
CHRIS: You have great hair. Would you say your long, dark hair is a big part of your “trademark” look?
ALEXIS: Also my jawline.
CHRIS: If you were asked to dye your hair a light color and/or cut it for a good role, would you be reluctant to?
ALEXIS: No… just the opposite. Hair has a lot to do with the performance. It strengthens the performance and the character.
CHRIS: I know your dad is a top photographer for Sports Illustrated. Has that given you the opportunity to see a lot of famous athletes in action and up close, as well?
ALEXIS: Oh YES! I was my dad’s assistant for years. At Super Bowls, boxing ringsides, football, baseball, award dinners. I had and still have a very exciting lifestyle.
CHRIS: I’m assuming you have big plans for Halloween?
ALEXIS: Believe it or not; no. Have no clue yet!
CHRIS: Well, I’m sure you won’t spend it sitting home alone ….unless you choose to. So, will you be attending any conventions or events this month where fans can see you?
ALEXIS: I will be attending The Geekie Awards this Thursday, October 15th (Tomorrow, as this goes to press!) at the Nokia Theater and I will be appearing for the Halloween Hotness event at the Roosevelt Hotel, Saturday, October 17th.
CHRIS: I usually ask this question to most of the ladies I interview, because it’s a good one and gets good responses: Do you have any hobbies, skills, or interests that most people don’t know about?
Devanny Pinn and Alexis Iacono
With Devanny Pinn (of Incomplete Interview fame) in Dead Sea
ALEXIS: I am a professional tap dancer and cellist, which is collecting dust at this time. Ha! But I love my Cello.
CHRIS: With that, I thank you again for taking your time to do this, Alexis. In closing, any plugs or shout-outs to anyone?
ALEXIS: Make movies people want to see and learn from, and support independent films! Please go to Facebook and check out the fan page for The Pipeline and the film’s IMDb page.
CHRIS: Oh, just one last question: I don’t get the “Turkey Leg go Ka-Boom” video. Can you briefly explain that one?
ALEXIS: Silly joke my friend Emily Leguizamo created for me.

Alexis said of this photo: “Dad captured this photo of me outside of our
lovely home on the North Shore of Long Island this past Summer 2014.”

Alexis often works with her dad on the sidelines, capturing the action on the field. Above is her at
MetLife (formerly Giants) Stadium in December of last year, to shoot the Giants-Eagles game.

On location last August, shooting The Pipeline with director Caitlin Kazepis

Demo reel that includes scenes from Prescott Place, Kiss Me Again, Full
Cut Suits
, the music video for Mattafix’s “Big City Life,” and Horizon.



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