Sarah French Announces 2016 Nude Calendar

Scream Queen Sarah French recently announced her upcoming 2016, limited edition calender, that will feature 13 full nude (not just implied) photos of her. According to Sarah; “the full color calendar will be limited to 200, each one individually numbered and signed. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.”

The above photo is a mock cover by photographer TL Westgate, that Sarah released as a promo. It’s also considerably milder than the photos the calendar will feature. She went on to tell me that, at this point, she’s not posting any teasers from the actual calendar yet. “We have a dozen photos already, but we’re doing a studio shoot, then picking the best.” she said.Even though Sarah has done nude shoots earlier in her career, when she was known as Scarlet Salem, and a few subsequently, it’s been a while since she’s bared all for the camera and fans will be sure to want this on a prominent place on their walls. Sarah is currently taking pre-orders for the calendars. See here for pricing and ordering info.

Also an Idol Features favorite, see below for the other appearances Sarah has made here.


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