Whatever Happened to Suzee Pai? POPULAR 

From Penthouse to Little China then gone

Asian-American model-turned-actress Suzee Pai has the distinction of being Penthouse magazine’s first Asian Pet of the Month, as well as their first Asian cover girl, since she also graced her Pet issue’s cover (at right).

After her appearance as the January 1981 Pet of the Month, Suzee went on to an acting career that lasted throughout the 80s and into the early 90s, with her most notable role as Miao Yin in 1986′s now-cult classic Big Trouble in Little China. Her last known film role was in the 1993 TV movie Extralarge: Ninja Shadow and since then, she seems to have dropped clean off the radar and she now resides in the “Whatever Happened to..?” file.

What follows is Suzee’s entire January 1981 Pet of the Month layout, which can be considered fairly mild by Penthouse magazine standards, especially compared to those of Penthouse’s later years.

In a deleted Scene from the 1982 film First Blood

Here’s a then-barely 22-year old Suzee, looking very sweet and domestic, in a small role as
a pregnant patient of Dr. Huxtable’s on a 1984 episode of the The Cosby Show.



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  1. I remember this episode of Cosby but did not make the connection! I would love to know what happened to Suzee and that's what brought me here.

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