Sunghi Lee and Tahitia Hicks in Mortal Kombat: Conquest

Above is then-28 year-old Sunghi Lee as “Kiri” in an episode entitled “Noob Saibot,” from the short-lived martial arts TV series Mortal Kombat: Conquest. The show aired on the TNT network from October 1998 to May of 1999 with Sunghi in a recurring role as the sexy seer.

This episode originally aired November of 1998, which seemed to be a banner year for the former Playboy model, particularly in her birth country of South Korea, where she made the front pages of entertainment tabloids, released a nude photo book entitled Butterfly, along with some racy “exercise” videos, and even paid a visit to promote her then-recent film A Night on the Water. See this article for details on the that. Miss Lee, who turned 45 on April 1st, shut down her official website in 2011 and retired from modeling and acting to live a domestic life in Southern California.

As for, Tahitia Hicks, the lady playing Kiri’s masseuse and, uh, “confidant” “Ankha” in the above scene, she actually has more film credits for working behind the camera, as a cinematographer, which her IMDb page will detail.



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