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Over the last few years, Austin, Texas-based Twitchy Dolphin Flix has become known for producing movies featuring some of the brightest young actresses in independent films. One of their latest productions, The Last Beautiful Girl, is no exception. With a cast that includes alumnae from other award-winning Twitchy Dolphin productions such as Snatch ‘N’ Grab, Abram’s Hand, Goin’ Guerrilla, and DisAssociationVille, it’s a good bet that The Last Beautiful Girl will be receiving accolades at independent film festivals around the country. The script is said to already be on the film festival circuit and has made it to the finals in two of those festivals.

Described by the film’s writer and director James Christopher as a “romantic dramedy exploring the first time you fall in and out of love,” the The Last Beautiful Girl is currently in the pre-production stages. With all of the parts cast, and trailers shot, the film is slated to begin shooting in May. At right are 3 of the 16 ladies who’ll be appearing in the film; Shelby Cullinan, Morgan Floyd, and Shelby Surdam, who have featured roles as sisters. Read on to see the entire female cast and a little info on each of them.

Xan Angelovich says she was “born to act” and has a degree in film, television, and digital media. She’s worked as a production assistant on The Walking Dead, during which time she got the call to play a featured zombie on an episode that will be airing soon. Alexandra Bates loves performing and has and “insatiable interest in people.”  She says her most memorable role was as Lotty Wilton in a 2012 stage production of Enchanted April.

Sydne Clark (sometimes spelled “Clarke”) first got interested in acting when she was 10 years old and was an extra on a movie her sister was filming. She’s also got to play a zombie, on a film entitled Amnesia, which she say was her most satisfying time on a film set. After seeing another Twitchy Dolphin production, Goin’ Guerrilla, Rachel Clark-Spear said she wanted to be part of something like it. Her most satisfying role was in a high school play, in which she felt she was able to really connect with her character and move the audience.

Shelby Cullinan has a strong gymnastics and diving background and had her sights set on the Olympics before injuries derailed her and she began focusing on acting. She says she identifies with her character in this film because she is “light-hearted, funny, and a guys’ girl.” Tracey Ely likes to play characters who are quite unlike her in real life and feels that every project she’s done has been a learning experience. She says the mood and comic relief were two of the things that sold her on this film.

Even though Morgan Floyd started acting at a young age, she says she first wanted to be a dancer and got into acting as sort of a fluke. She auditioned for this film on a whim, but after reading the script, felt she identified with her character and really wanted the role. Brittany Flurry wrote and produced a film entitled Behind the Nose about a clown troupe the she described as “Spinal Tap meets Drop Dead Gorgeous.” As she’s one who loves to make people laugh, she’s excited she’ll be co-writing the stand-up comedy scene for this film.

Allison Gregory enjoys learning from each new role she takes on. She says she likes playing characters who challenge her appearance and that she’s most looking forward to “bringing dark and weird” to the set of this film. This film will be Hannah Holub‘s first full-length indie feature. A big fan of Disney movies, she credits Audrey Hepburn as her biggest inspiration, “not only for her talents on screen, but who she was and what she stood for off screen in her everyday life.”

Vicky Illk has done several short films over the last three years and also has a role in Twitchy Dolphin’s upcoming Sorority Slumber Party Slaughter. In addition to acting, she’ co-produced a few indie films.  The Last Beautiful Girl marks Terissa Kelton‘s 11th appearance  in a Twitchy Dolphin Flix production. Terissa, who also works behind the camera for Twitchy Dolphin, has graced this site three times in the past, the first was this 2012 interview and then again in this piece that rang in 2014. She also made her directorial debut last year with Sorority Slumber Party Slaughter, featured here.

Janet Mayson is the most experienced actress in the cast. After working in theater for several years, she did her first film in 2003 and has since been in a few Twitchy Dolphin productions, including the Quad-X mockumentaries, which she considers her most positive film experiences. Leslie Solcher also switched from theater to film, as she says she prefers a more natural acting style. Another Twitchy Dolphin alumna, she cites her dance scene in DisAssociationVille as her favorite, saying it was “potent with emotion.”

Shelby Surdam loves acting like “a high that you never want to get down from.” Citing Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Emma Watson as her acting inspirations, Shelby loved the film’s script once she read it and says she’s most looking forward to doing the bachleroette party scene. Sophie Tuckfield first began acting on stage, at her sister’s urging, who’s also an actress. Sophie is experience working behind the camera, as well, and was the script supervisor on Twitchy Dolphin’s DisAssociationVille.

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