Friday the 13th Victim, Chelsea

It’s that day again and here we have Camp Crystal Lake visitor Chelsea, played by Willa Ford, getting skewered from above and providing viewers with a brief posthumous breast flash, in the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th.

Unlike many of the actresses who’ve played hapless victims of Jason Voorhees, Miss Ford is not and probably will not, end up in the “Whatever Happened to..?” file. Although her official website looks pretty old-style and hasn’t been updated since 2012, the now-34 year-old singer-turned-actress, who used to go by “Mandah,” has stayed busy since she began her career in 1999. Check out her IMDB page for her other credits.

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  1. Hi I would like to see the actor from Freddy versus JASON get back into the role of JASON Vorhees in future X Box one FRIDAY the 13th video games for the new X Box One console.

  2. Chelsea was a very underrated victim of Jason, despite her early demise. First she sustained and survived a blow to the head from hitting the boat, which was such a dangerous blow the film crew couldn’t even use a stunt double, they had to use special effects to create the scene. So when she first sees Jason on the shore she’s already hurting and probably wondering what happened to her boyfriend, but she doesn’t have much time to wonder because then she sees Jason on the shore. He draws his machete and she’s overcome with fear and panic. At first she swims away, screaming. Then she has the presence of mind to calm down and evaluate her options. Jason has the shore covered, and she can’t stay in the water forever. Her best chance was to somehow reach the dock without being seen, and hide under there until it’s safe to come out. And despite the fact that she’s tired, injured, scared and out of breath, she somehow manages to swim underwater and reach the dock, as stealthily as possible! She must have been very athletic and a strong swimmer, as well as strong mentally. She’s so out of breath and scared that she makes involuntary breathing noises, but as she observes Jason through the planks of the dock, it doesn’t look like he noticed. Then without any warning she gets the machete stabbed deep into her skull, and it’s all over. She went above and beyond and did the best she could but the odds were against her and her luck ran out. In my opinion she was more resilient and resourceful than most of Jason’s victims.

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