Stephanie Hsu and Alice Lee for Discover Card POPULAR 

This currently airing 30-second spot for Discover Card has Stephanie Hsu as a Discover cardholder calling to ask a representative, played by Alice Lee, about her cashback bonus.

If one didn’t know otherwise, one might assume that it’s the same actress playing both roles in this commercial, as both ladies look very similar. Why did the producers of this ad hire two girls who look alike? Did they want viewers to think there are twins here like in that other Discover Card commercial (with Sinab and Meltem Gulturk)? Perhaps they wanted viewers to think it is the same girl in both roles because of Discover Card’s ad slogan; “At Discover, we treat you like you’d treat you.” Maybe Stephanie or Alice can say for sure. Stephanie’s on Twitter and so is Alice.  Also see more of Stephanie at her official website. You may have also caught her playing a not-too-concerned babysitter in another recent commercial for Nest smoke alarms. It’s wrong, but funny.

Stephanie Hsu and Alice Lee
Evidently, many people thought it was the same actress playing both roles in this
commercial, which is why Alice (right) posted this photo at her Twitter, with a
caption that reads; “Look! We’re actually two different pple!!”




    • These are the two ladies who appear in the commercial. Although they don’t look identical, I wouldn’t say the look “vastly” different, except for maybe their heights. Standing next to each other, you can see they do look similar. Seeing them separately, they could easily be mistaken as being the same actress.

  1. I did think they were the same actors, but not after seeing their photos. The main reason I inquired about the commercial was because I thought they were doing an unnecessary exaggerated job of acting like “hip” African-American young women.

  2. I LOVE the other commercial with the two actresses “more money more money…” It’s delightful. Is a great message for Discover and it’s happy too! Both did a great job!

  3. I did think they were the same girl because first of all, I have never paid very close attention to the commercial and because there WAS a series of commercials where someone was on the phone with themselves and I assumed this was one of those. They are both just cute as a button and I see them going far.

  4. “At Discover, we treat you like you’d treat you” got me thinking it was the same actress and I never even stopped to think it wasn’t. Great site BTW.

  5. I assumed they were they same actress because that’s what Discover has done in the other ads in this series, but thought it odd they didn’t quite look alike. I figured it was different makeup, clothes and lighting. So now I’m wondering why they went to using people who just look similar instead of the same person. I suspect it was to get people thinking about the commercial and wondering why they seem different. Seems to have worked.

  6. A few post saying there was a series of commercials with people on the phone talking to themselves so they thought this was the same. But that’s the point, those were also Discover commercials using people who looks similar but none of them were the same people(1 set were twins). I’m just curious as to what’s the point of doing that

  7. The stereotype that all Asians look a like holds true with this Discover commercial. Asians are quiet people and won’t complain unless education is involved.

  8. The commercial is highly annoying. I’ve seen it twice today already. The woman switches her speech pattern to a fake black accent which is greatly exaggerated at the end of the commercial. I will never ever get a Discover card either!!!

    • You’re not as impressed as I am, for having to set straight yet another commentor, trying to correct me on my facts.

      No, “Jeff,” in THIS Discover card ad, Alice (the taller of the two) is the rep and Stephanie is the customer. One of the many sources (besides here) where that can be verified is at, where their business is info on commercials.

      There are TWO OTHER Discover Card commercials with these same two ladies, in which their roles ARE reversed from this one here. In those two ads, Alice is the customer, and Stephanie, the Discover Card rep, so that is where you must have gotten mixed-up, Jeff. You can also find those two commercials at here and here. You’re welcome for the clarification.

  9. This Discover commercial is a real hoot! I sit up sharply each time it comes on…it always leaves me giggling. Not for one second did I ever think the two actresses were the same person. Alice is my fav!

  10. I am so sick of this commercial. Please find a new one that we could enjoy. For the last three years it has run during NHL Hockey. Enough is enough.

  11. I’ve always liked this commercial, now and on it’s original run a couple years ago. But, in the face of recent racial tension and objections to cultural appropriation, I was surprised to see it resurrected. I’m also surprised that I can find nowhere online anyone pointing out that there seems to be some cultural appropriation in this ad. In this ad it seems obvious to me that the girl who is standing is using black-speak and a blaccent. Examples:

    Black-speak: She doesn’t say “is this true” or “is the correct” says says “is this furreal?” Blending “for” and “real.”
    Blaccent: Her pronunciation of “money” when she exclaims “I got my MUN-NAY.”

    Anybody else think about this when watching this commercial?

  12. Obnoxious ad and insulting to the Asian culture. I have Asians in my family. They show class, reserved behavior, and elegance. These 2 act crazy. I hate this ad!

  13. I don’t get why this is so popular. I guess just because so many viewers were fooled into thinking it was the same actress playing both parts?

  14. This is he only definitive article I could find that gave me the answer that I was looking for— Is it the same actress in both roles or different actresses? I was correct and won a bet with my sister-in-law, who thought it was the same actress.

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