Whatever Happened to Helen Selby?

Former L'eggs spokesmodel seems to have vanished from the public eye

February 2015 Author’s Addendum: News recently broke that Helen Selby, now going by her married name, Helen Gumpel, has reemerged to join the ranks of  Bill Cosby accusers.

The above 1981 TV commercial for L’eggs Sheer Elegance pantyhose (back when they came in the plastic “eggs”) features little-known actress and model, Helen Selby. Besides doing commercials for L’eggs (the one that aired the year after this one would probably be deemed even more racist by today’s media standards) and a few other products, she appeared in a 1988 episode of The Cosby Show entitled “Bookworm” (covered pretty extensively at this blog dedicated to details on every Cosby Show episode from the premiere to the fourth episode into its seventh and next-to-last season), which is the sole credit on her IMDb page, and then she seems to have just disappeared from the public eye. She now resides in the “Whatever Happened to..? file.

Helen Selby for L'eggs
1981 print ad for L’eggs, featuring Helen

Helen Selby
Helen on the aforementioned 1988 episode of The Cosby Show entitled “Bookworn,”
in which she played a member of Claire Huxtable’s book club.

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