Mimi Miyagi Interviews Mika Tan

Here’s a then-26-year-old Mimi Miyagi interviewing a then-22-year-old Mika Tan during a break from shooting Fantasiany 3 in late 1999. You have to take what most porn stars say about their past with a grain of salt, but going from most of the info on Mika from fairly credible sources, what she says here about her pre-porn days and induction into porn, is truthful.

At the time this was shot, most porn was quickly going from video to the booming Internet, and Mimi (who ran a failed 2006 Nevada gubernatorial bid) was producing her own videos, such as the “Fantasiany” series, for her self-designed website. She’s currently retired from the adult entertainment biz and is now reported to be pursuing entrepreneurial and humanitarian endeavors. Mika has since become just as big a name in porn as Mimi and has also moved into production, as well. As of this writing, she is supposedly updating her website and there has been no announcement or indication of her retiring from the adult industry.



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