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Slated for release in November, Last Doorway Productions‘ documentary Welcome to My Darkside, features interviews and commentary from 35 talented ladies who’ve made names for themselves in the horror genre. Their characters have been on the giving, as well as the receiving ends of murder weapons of choice, and they have worked on both sides of the camera.

Reyna Young, the lady behind Last Doorway, actually began compiling the interviews in 2008 and had the final cut completed the following year. However, the film just recently got distribution (from World Wide Multi Media), after what Reyna called a “wild ride.” She conducted some of the interviews herself, and those ladies who filmed their own footage and sent it in to her, were credited as doing so.

Welcome to My Darkside
Original poster/DVD cover artwork by Sacramento artist Mike Hampton

“More women are asking me to do another one” says Reyna, and it’s no wonder. A growing number of actresses, as well as female writers, directors, and producers have been making their marks in the male-dominated horror industry, particularly in recent years. One would think that most females in the biz would be flattered and jump at the chance to be a part of a documentary like this, and most would, but not all. Reyna told me of one who passed on the opportunity. “One woman thought my documentary was a joke and said ‘no’ to it because I couldn’t travel to her her city to interview her. She said my doc would never work, having women mail in their footage, because of sound issues, etc. Yeah (there were), some (issues), but you can get away with some stuff when it’s a documentary and I got it done!” The actress who declined to be a part of this production (and who will remain nameless here) will need to chalk it up as her loss but I assume Reyna will be sending her a signed copy of the DVD.

If a female listing of who’s who of indie horror were compiled, it would be a long and ever-growing list and all of the following 35 ladies who appear in Welcome to My Darkside, would surely be on it. They are: Susan Adriensen, Kimberly Amato, Bianca Barnett, Amy Lynn Best, Sarah Brock, April Monique Burril, Heidi Burrowes, Christa Campbell, Judy Cerda, Victoria De Mare, Kelly Devoto, Monique Dupree, Darla Enlow, Michelle Fatale, Sarah French (credited in the film as Scarlet Salem), Mary “Gaby” Goff, Dai Green, Rachel Grubb, Nina Kemph, Adrienne King, Nicole Kruex, Shannon Lark, Brooke Lewis, Lynn Lowry, Heidi Martinuzzi, Elske McCain, Ms. Monster, Seregon O’Dassey, Priscilla Ozuna, Dana Pike, Michelle Tomlinson, Maureen “Mo” Whelan, Nicole Williams, Tucky Williams, and of course, Reyna Young hosting as her alter ego, Miss Misery.

At left is the film’s official poster/DVD cover, created by World Wide Multi Media. However, the model gracing the poster, does not appear in the documentary and when I asked for her name, a representative from WWMM told me they don’t even know who she is as they got this mage from “a mountain of photos of hot babes” they have and this one just “suited the purpose.”

The photo was probably put together by someone in some art department somewhere. The lady in it looks a bit like a young Traci Lords, during her infamous stint in porn, but until I find out who she is, my search to ID her will continue. If anyone reading this knows who she is or even who she might be, please comment below or send me a message thought the “contact” link above.



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