Asian Ladies Taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

One of the latest charity fundraising activities currently sweeping across social media is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It originated in the US but is quickly catching on in other countries, South Korea (thankfully) being no exception.

Above are MiU and Ari of the Korean dance team Waveya (first featured here) accepting the challenge. Even though the girls don’t meet with official Ice Bucket regulations (Five-gallon bucket at least half full with ice and ice cold water) they definitely show their support with good spirit.

As the challenge is spreading like wildfire, between this writing and the time this is posted, there’s bound to be many more celebs who’ve accepting and posted their videos. What follows are just a few selected Asian female celeb drenchings.

Golfer Michelle Wie

Professional Pool Player, “The Black Widow” Jeanette Lee

Former CNN news anchor (now with KPIX in San Francisco) Veronica De La Cruz

Actress and singer Fala Chen is one of the many Chinese celebs who’ve
taken the challenge
and one of the few to have at least used ice.

CJ Miles (and company)

Vlogger Kate Color

Suzanne Whang’s alter ego, Sung Hee Park (misunderstanding the challenge)

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