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Actress with the spirit of a wolf

Born in Savannah, Georgia, actress and model Destiny Soria lived for several years during her youth in Frankfurt, Germany, where her father was stationed while in the US Army. After returning to the States, she lived in Texas for a while before moving to Red Wing, Minnesota, which was where she made her acting debut in a 2009 comedy entitled Entr’Acte. Her subsequent film credits now number over 60 with over two dozen currently in various stages of production.

Besides acting, Destiny is a formally-trained dancer, skilled in a wide range of styles, from tango to hip-hop. Her modeling shoots include unique concepts that show she has a love for wildlife, particularly wolves. Said Destiny; “I love wolves. The loyalty and love they have.”

Now calling Hollywood home, Destiny is also often actively involved in worthwhile community organizations. One of which is the recently established LCULA (Let’s Clean Up Los Angeles), whose participants hit the streets of LA to literally clean them up and they’re soon to be starting an employment program for the city’s homeless and disabled. Above photo of Destiny and Sage the timberwolf taken in Pasadena by Major Carter.

Destiny SoriaCHRIS CHARLES: A pleasure to have you here, Destiny! According to your recent acting credits, you’re keeping very busy.
DESTINY SORIA: Yes, very much. I pretty much keep busy everyday with new projects.
CHRIS: I understand you come from a military family and spent several years in Frankfurt Germany while you were growing up?
DESTINY: Yes, when I was very young. My brother was born in Frankurt. I’m a little jealous of that. It would be nice to be born somewhere foreign.
CHRIS: Do you speak German?
DESTINY: I did when I was young. Then just lost it when I moved back to the USA.
CHRIS: You’re Native American, belonging to the Kickapoo tribe. Are you close to the culture?
DESTINY: We just discovered what our tribe was just last year and will be following up more on our culture soon, to know more about our tribe and the way of life.
CHRIS: I read you like to draw anime. Is there anyplace online your artwork can be seen?
DESTINY: It’s on my Facebook page and on my Instagram page.
CHRIS: How did your comic book character “Star Ranger” come about?
DESTINY: Red Skye World contacted me to be part of their comic book franchise.
Destiny Soria
Photo by Major Carter
CHRIS: Let’s touch on your modeling. What was your very first modeling shoot?
DESTINY: For Invisible Fence for pets.
CHRIS: I’ve seen your modeling portfolio and I particularly like the shots taken at outdoor locations. What has been your most memorial photo shoot?
DESTINY: The one with Sage the timberwolf was the best of all of them. I love wolves. The loyalty and love they have.
CHRIS: That’s my favorite of yours, too. I was very impressed with that and I’m using a shot from that set for the lead photo for this interview. Have you always been at ease around wild animals?
DESTINY: Yes, I have been around wild animals ever since I can remember. I take care of them. I love all.
CHRIS: You don’t do nudes and clearly state so but, despite that, do you still get offers to do nude photo shoots?
DESTINY: Yes, I do get offers for it, but I do respond nicely that I’ll pass on nude projects. Won’t and never will do nude.
CHRIS: You’re also are a skilled dancer. Do you have much formal dance training?
DESTINY: Yes, salsa, tango, modern, a little ballet, bellydancing, hip-hop to anything, pretty much. I have over 17 years of training.
Destiny Soria
Photo by Danisha Gipson Cortland
CHRIS: So, on to your acting. What was your very first acting role?
DESTINY: Entr’Acte.
CHRIS: I’ve seen you in a few short films, such as DREAMer, where you’ve shown you’re a good dramatic actress. Do you prefer dramatic roles as opposed to say, comedic roles?
DESTINY: I prefer comedic, I’m a dork in real life. Super goofy and I love making people laugh.
CHRIS: Have you done any stage?
DESTINY: Yes, when I was younger, in middle school.
CHRIS: I saw you in the Doug Phillips film, Not Quite Lyin’ Eyes. It was a very small, non-speaking part, but can you tell me what Doug or any of the other actresses on that one, were like to work with?
DESTINY: They were great.
CHRIS: You’re credited with quite a few films currently in post production. Which ones are closest to being release?
DESTINY: Menages.
CHRIS: You also have a few behind-the camera credits. Would you eventually like to branch out to other avenues of show biz, either in front of or behind the camera?
DESTINY: I’m more of a front-of-the-camera girl. I love being on set, even others’ sets.
CHRIS: I see you’ve had some training with firearms. Just how good a shot are you?
DESTINY: Head shots. I go for the head.
CHRIS: As we speak, what project or projects are you currently working on?
DESTINY: Two actually. One for Karma and Scary Stories. Both horror films.
CHRIS: Well, I’m sure pleased that I can add you to the list of ladies I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing for this site, Destiny. In closing, any shout-outs to anyone?
DESTINY: To Devon Scheitel for actually being at my side and supporting me in my acting career. I have lost the site at that time and didn’t see too clearer of him. Thank you for being there for me when I was at my low.
CHRIS: Oh, just one last question: Do you always add commentary and talk to the characters on all TV shows when you’re watching them alone, or just The Walking Dead?

DESTINY: I do, I really do. Even in theaters. Every time I see something I feel like I’m there and I so get in to it. That’s my imaginary side.

Photo by Kirk Kushin
Artwork from a fan
In costume as a samba dancer on the set of a very recent TV commercial shoot. It’s
Destiny’s most recent project, as this goes to press. Photo by Destiny, herself

Although she says she prefers comedic roles, Destiny gave a winning dramatic performance as a student trying to become a legal US citizen, in Antonio Rodriguez’s 2011 short DREAMer. This co-stars Danielle Palmer, who was one of the stars of Remake, featured here in May.

See more of Destiny at:
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