Debra Lamb in “Event”

The above 2001 USC student short film Event, is a rarity in that it features Scream Queen Debra Lamb in one the few student films she starred in during the early 2000s. During this period, Debra did just this and one other USC, and two UCLA student films. Event was produced by director Teresa Kuan and her cinematographer Sarah Johnson.

In Debra’s own words:

They filmed the “duct” part on one of the stages at USC and the rest was shot at Teresa’s or Sarah’s apartment in Los Angeles. When auditioning for the role, I lined up a bunch of chairs and crawled through them. I had a lot of fun crawling through the real ducts on the set. There were a few scenes at the apartment where I go completely insane, but due to the time limit given, those scenes had to be cut. I love the soundtrack and music in Event. Teresa Kuan delivers the voice over for the opening and for the bathroom scene. That is my voice you hear in the duct scene.

The closing song is “The Cuppycake Song,” written in 1994 by Judianna Castle and sung by her then-three year-old daughter. Despite its cuteness, the tune, coupled with the grainy black and white rolling credits, provides for a very eerie ending.

Debra Lamb
A rare color still from the film.

To see more of Debra, check out her official website and the two interviews I’ve had the pleasure of doing with her in June 2011 and in October 2012.

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