Horror Hotel with Lamia, “Queen of the Dark”

October 2018 Author’s Addendum: The video of the Horror Hotel episode that was featured in this article has been removed from Youtube. Inquiries regarding this episode’s availability should be sent to horrorhotelfest@gmail.com.

Above is the full and most recent episode of Horror Hotel, shown on the Reel TV Network and hosted by Lamia (pronounced “Lay-me-uh”), portrayed by Kristina Michelle, the hard-working lady behind the Reel TV Network. As she introduces the 1959 Vincent Price classic The House on Haunted Hill, one can tell “The Queen of the Dark” is a very knowledgeable horror film historian who gives the facts and stats on the movies she hosts, as well as what was going on, horror-wise, during its era. Exuding a more subtle sexuality and without the campiness of Elvira, who’s known for delivering double entendre-laced monologs while spilling out of a sleek form-hugging dress, Lamia does some segments of the show with her “co-host” Lilith Alexandria (Kristina’s real-life pet python, that we first see at 25:16). During the closing segment, rather than wishing viewers “unpleasant dreams,” Lamia signs off with “stay bloody” and an evil, fang-baring hiss.

Lamia with Lilith
Lamia with Lilith

Intrigued by Lamia’s name (and not just because it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy that Playboy magazine still airbrushes to this day), I asked Kristina about its origins, to which she replied; “In mythology, Lamia is reportedly the very first creature resembling what we call vampires today.” As bonus information, Kristina added that Lilith was named after another of the first vampires from mythology, not the “ice-queen” character from the Cheers and Frasier sitcoms.On the character and developing her, Kristina says:

Being a horror fan, I’m already familiar with a lot of what’s been done. I think a lot of hosts go for the more campy gimmicks, which I didn’t want to do. I see Lamia as more sarcastic and saying what she wants. The bits we do on the show here and there are mostly created by my executive producer, Ray Szuch, who agreed we wanted to stay away from most of the cheesy comedy but still have fun with it. Hopefully, viewers agree. For instance, the Undead Crew; it adds another element to the show but isn’t overdone.

Besides the Horror Hotel TV show, Kristina and the crew at The Reel TV Network also produce the Horror Hotel International Film Festival and Convention, which is coming up June 6th-8th (next month!) in Cleveland, Ohio. She tells me all the guests they have so far have been listed on the website and at the Facebook fan page that she personally updates daily. Lamia will be there and it will be the only time of the year she’ll be seen during daylight hours. Learn more about the Horror Hotel TV show and film fest/convention at the official website for both. Also check out my December 2012 interview with Kristina.

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    • Enjoy it I did, Nicholas. Compared to your intro, Lamia just scratches the surface on William Castle and The House on Haunted Hill. However, I’m sure you’ll understand why I’d still rather have her as my host. Thanks for bringing Cleveland Classic Cinema to my attention!

  1. Yeah Elvira never seemed to know much on the films she hosted. This girl does her homework. Still, it wouldn't hurt if she showed some cleavage.

  2. Lamia…please understand that some guys are IDIOTS…beside watching
    scary flix on saturday night (and you) NOW, you attractive vamp…here is a suggestion from one such idjit…Lose the directors chair for a high-back swivel chair (turning back and forth for ‘us’ mesmerized idiots…and show us some of your ‘good side’ (I figure it can’t hurt ratings either)..Anyway you are obviously the hottest horror host to come along in a long time…I saved that ‘French flik’ boarding house killer ‘son of a head mistress’ Classic !! See you saturday babe !

    • Thank you for watching, Ken! Glad you’re enjoying the show. 🙂 I always appreciate suggestions and feedback, but I’ll stick with the director’s chair simply because it fits with talking more about the films. The House That Screamed was definitely a favorite of many, so I’m glad you liked it too. See you Saturday.

  3. I really enjoy the films you’ve shown. I wonder where you obtain your films from. Is there any chance you’ll show more European old horror movies? A couple of things: one, your intro to these movies is pretty lengthy. You might want to break it up in 2 or 3 segments. Two, please show us some of your favorites like “Detour.” Three, Lilith was also the name of Herman Munster’s wife in the tv sitcom by the same name. I think you are awesome and beautiful and I hope you get paid well for doing this cause you deserve it. Big love.

  4. Lamia…someone who grew up in the Chiller Theater days of Pittsburgh, it is great to have someone like yourself to show us the horror classics that have pretty much been forgotten.
    You give me a reason to stay up late night and get scared again!

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