Brenda Song on Dads

Despite a seasoned cast that included 26 year-old Brenda Song, the FOX sitcom Dads, didn’t even make it one full season. Above is Brenda making her second screen appearance in the pilot episode, in which her employers talk her into dressing as a sexy Asian schoolgirl straight out of a hentai comic book in order to “impress” some Chinese investors being pitched a new video game entitled “Kill Hitler 2.″

The show was widely panned by critics and deemed “racially insensitive” by some Asian-American groups, who found certain jokes (some spoken by Brenda’s character) and referencing certain stereotypes (like the one above, I suppose) offensive. Even though we won’t be seeing Miss Song on Dads anymore, given her track record over the past 20 (yes, 20) years, I doubt she’ll be drawing unemployment for very long.


  1. Brenda was the only good thing about this show. The rest of them were terrible, regardless of their experience. Martin Mull hasn't done anything funny since Fernwood 2 Night and Peter Riegert, since Animal House.

    • I have to agree with you there, Anon. The worst thing about Dads were the “dads,” and Mull’s best work was Fernwood 2 Night. He and Fred Willard complemented each other well on that show, unlike when they were paired together on Roseanne.

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