Park Seo-yeon – Gastronomic Exhibitionist

Sexy broadcast jockeys (known as BJ’s and yes, I know), who dance for and flirt with their viewers in exchange for tips, are nothing new in Korea. However, in the last couple of years, a new breed of pretty female BJ has emerged, who simply eat for their viewers’ enjoyment.

Park Seo-yeon in one such BJ. Her cam shows consist of her eating a full meal, while commenting on her repast. She doesn’t dance in skimpy outfits or engage in overtly flirtatious chats full of sexual innuendo. She simply does what any girl would do while eating and perhaps there are even some normal guys who’ve had the courage to actually ask her to dinner and view it in person.

Miss Park, says she’s not just doing it for the money (which she makes a lot of, from doing this), but because she’s also “helping society.” She claims she hears from people, telling her that she’s helped them recover from anorexia, or those on a diet, saying that they’ve lost weight because they can get a “vicarious satisfaction” through her eating …..but, c’mon; we know what’s really going on here.

Looking younger than her 34 years, Miss Park also looks quite slim for a lady who says she spends three hours a day online, stuffing her pretty face with food. One can assume she owes her svelte figure to her metabolism, regular exercise, or perhaps doing something after her on-camera feasts that I’m sure many would also pay to see her do.


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