Seregon O’Dassey

What is it they say about redheads?

Actress and model Seregon O’Dassey is another of the ladies who first caught my attention while viewing the New York City Horror Film Fest interview with her and two of her Captured Hearts costars, which I featured here several weeks ago.

With horror titles beginning with 2005’s False Face to the currently-filming Bloody Slumber Party on her IMDb credits, Seregon is another lady in modern indie films, who has truly earned the title of “Scream Queen.” It’s a title she’s honored to have, even though she prefers acting in drama and sci-fi to horror.

After Seregon graciously agreed to an interview for this site, research on her found some unique and interesting facts on her resume. Two of note are that she has a degree in mortuary science and is an aspiring drummer. The former has gotten her a gig on the TV crime drama Elementary as their morgue tech adviser. The latter hasn’t earned her any gigs yet, but with her dedication, it’s a good bet she’ll be afforded the opportunity to show off her drumming skills in the near future. Above photo of Seregon at Plainfield, New Jersey’s Dragonfly House by Xavier De La Vega.

Seregon O'Dassey
From a 2013 shoot with Peter Gravina of Lipstick Graphics
CHRIS CHARLES: It’s a pleasure to be featuring you here, Seregon. As you know, I did and piece on the interview you, Melantha Blackthorne, and Rachael Robbins did with New York City Horror Fest about Captured Hearts. What was making that one like for you?
SEREGON O’DASSEY: Thank you for having me here. Captured Hearts was a lot of fun to film. It’s really the first time I got to play a villain. I got to be a bit maniacal in secret, but also portraying nice and sweet to the public, which I’ve never really done before. I was mean in The Devil’s Nightmare, but that was a classic horror film. Captured Hearts was more of a twisted thriller.
CHRIS: Did you and the other ladies interact like sisters off-camera, as well?
SEREGON: Some of us bonded very closely, and just like families do, sometimes we were closer than others, but I’d say we definitely acted like sisters. Living together for two weeks, talking about dates, fixing each other’s hair and makeup. Yeah …sisters (laughs).
CHRIS: Your first name is very unusual. Seregon is a plant with deep, blood red flowers that was the only plant found on the stone hill, Amon Rûdh. In fact, Seregon means “blood of stone.” So, now that I’ve impressed you with my research, why did your parents name you that?
Seregon O'Dassey
At last year’s Hoboken International Film Festival
SEREGON: Haha, good job! All my mom says is that my dad was a hippie (shrugs).
CHRIS: Well, I was hoping for a little more sublime backstory there, but that’s cool. So, you didn’t decide you wanted to be an actress until you were 14. I know that’s young, but not as young as most actresses I’ve interviewed, who wanted to act since they could walk. Did you have any aspirations before you were bitten by the acting bug?
SEREGON: I was very shy when I was younger, so I didn’t do much with my acting classes back then. I did local theatre and commercials, but I didn’t branch out until college. I thought I wanted to be a pop singer, but I was terrified of the microphone (laughs). Oddly enough when I’m acting on stage, I don’t feel that kind of fear. I feel excited and happy acting on stage, or behind a drum kit, but not singing so I found out what I wanted to do by finding out what I didn’t want to do.
CHRIS: You joined the Marines a couple of years after high school. What was you time in the Corps like?  
SEREGON: I was actually only in basic, not beyond that. I had some health issue in my family that prevented me from finishing.
CHRIS: I see. So after that, you attended and graduated from mortuary school and worked as a mortician for a while. Ever consider “falling back” on that if you gave up show biz?
SEREGON: No. I’ve found when you have a “safety net” of sorts what you’re saying to the Universe is, “I’m preparing to fail”. Therefore, you will. Just go and do it. Be a bird that sits on the branch. The bird doesn’t trust the branch to hold her: she trusts in her own wings to fly. Oddly enough, my degree in mortuary science has gotten me the position of resident morgue tech on the show Elementary. I’m also their morgue tech adviser.
Suzi, Rachael, Jamie, Melantha, and Seregon
With the rest of the “Van Houten sisters” during the filming of Kenneth Del Vecchio’s Captured Hearts. Left to right: Suzi Lorraine, Rachael Robbins, Jamie White, Melantha Blackthorne, and Seregon.
CHRIS: As this goes to press, it looks like you have two projects filming and one in pre-production. Which are you currently working on and which will you soon be working on?
SEREGON: Since The Devil’s Nightmare and Captured Hearts just came out and Bloody Slumber Party and Cleric are just about to, I’ve been busy promoting all of those. I’m in talks with others about other projects, but no set shoot dates on those yet.
CHRIS: You’ve done different genres, but horror is your favorite?
SEREGON: I actually prefer drama and sci-fi. Horror is easy, but it’s not really a challenge for me as an actor. I like roles where I can cry and/or be physical, like in a fight scene.
CHRIS: I’m pretty conservative when it comes to giving out the “Scream Queen” tag at my site. In fact, I’ve only applied it to Linnea Quigley and Debra Lamb, so far. However, I guess I should consider you younger ladies for the distinction. Would you be comfortable if you became know as a Scream Queen, first and foremost?
SEREGON: I was labeled as a Scream Queen when I only had two horror films out: Ghostwatcher 2 and False Face. I wasn’t too sure at that point how I felt about it, but the fans are awesome and loyal, and I know it’s definitely a compliment. I’m honored to be considered part of “the club” (laughs).
CHRIS: Are there any old school Scream Queens you admire?
Seregon O'Dassey
Naughty schoolgirl, circa 2012 by DNA Creative Images
SEREGON: I think my favorite Scream Queen of all time is Jamie Lee Curtis. Not only has she been a part of some of the most iconic horror films of all time, but she’s gone on to work a lot in other genres as well. That’s my goal: to work well in all areas. I also have to say I admire my fellow SQ Melantha Blackthorne. Love my sister!
CHRIS: Any you haven’t worked with yet, but want to?
SEREGON: Pretty much all of them. There’s something to learn from everyone, because everyone has her own technique and comes from a different place in her heart, in her head, etc.
CHRIS: I heard you do an Irish accent in a clip from a TV soap you had a part in. Did that accent come naturally because you were around it growing up?
SEREGON: Haha, no one had an accent in my house. My family has been here for a while. I actually discovered I could do accents years ago. I’m from Pennsylvania, and when I’d go to New York City for auditions, I got bored asking the same questions all the time regarding directions. So one day I started asking in various accents: Irish, German, French…that’s when I realized I could do them, and that people were nicer to me when I used them oddly enough, so, I started listening to tapes of people with accents. I’ve always had a thing for languages and music in other languages, so doing accents came pretty easily to me.
CHRIS: While looking through your modeling portfolio, I saw some great retro shots. Are you influenced by any models or actresses from yesteryear? I’m guessing Rita Hayworth is one.
Seregon O'Dassey
As Jessica Angel from the web series Boston Massacre
SEREGON: I DO love Rita! I also really like Ginger Rodgers, Lana Turner, Veronica Lake, Jane Russell and of course the illustrious Ms. Monroe. I’m definitely a classic pin-up type. You didn’t need to be a stick figure to model or act back then.
CHRIS: I asked this of Melantha about her awesome blonde hair, and I’ll ask it of you about your gorgeous red hair. It it sort of a big part of your “trademark” look?
SEREGON: It is. For a while, I was strawberry blonde and people were surprised that I went (back) to red/auburn. They do say with my personality red hair suits me better than blonde. I guess it’s true what they say about redheads and our tempers (gives a wink).
CHRIS: Of ladies who don’t do nudity, most of them tell me that, despite clearly stating so, they sill constantly get offers for nude scenes and shoots. You do nudity, but do you ever get offers to do a little too much or more than you’re comfortable with?
SEREGON: I do, and I’ve either turned down those offers or simply didn’t respond. Once on a website someone who claimed to be a photographer, which almost anyone can say nowadays thanks to the digital era, but that doesn’t make them one, e-mailed me and wanted me to fly to Alaska and model nude for him for exposure only, no pun intended. In other words, for FREE! I politely declined, and he sent back a very rude email which I deleted and forgot about. Each person has their own comfort level. I always read the scene first, and if I’m okay with it, I do it, if not, I don’t. I only do what I’m contracted to do, and I have NO problem saying no to something I don’t feel comfortable with. I’m a strong, assertive woman, and I have no qualms about telling someone off if I feel they’re behaving in a less than mature manner whether they’re male or female.
Seregon O'Dassey
Christmas sex cymbal. Photo by Dwight Schneider
CHRIS: I caught a photo of you holding a large ride cymbal to cover your implied nudity, as well one of you wearing a t-shirt with a large drum set on it. Come to think of it, at the end of the recent New York City Horror Fest interview, you played a bit of air drums. As a drummer myself, all that caught my attention and I found out you do play the drums. So, details please!
SEREGON: Well, about three years ago, the industry had slowed down, like it usually does around the holidays. So since my boyfriend and I have an electronic kit in our apartment, I asked him to show me some stuff. He started off showing me how to do a paradiddle, then a mama/papa (double stroke) roll, and one day I looked up lessons on Youtube and started copying what the people in the videos did. I won’t be touring with Led Zeppelin anytime soon, but I know have a working knowledge of a drum kit and how to read drum tabs, not to mention a new appreciation for music that I never had before. Notice I said MUSIC, not some auto-tuned/computerized cookie cutter piece of noise that seems to be passing for music nowadays.
CHRIS: Have you had the chance to show your drumming skills in a film yet?
SEREGON: No, I wish! I’m hoping for that in the near future.
CHRIS: Who are your favorite female drummers?
Cleric Poster
Gracing the poster for Cleric, which Seregon co-produced
SEREGON: Meytal Cohen, I learned a lot from her videos. Jen Ledger from Skillet, and of course, the amazing Sheila-E!
CHRIS: You’ve also have some formal training as a singer. Do you have any singing credits?
SEREGON: No. I used to sing backup in bands before I started acting/modeling seriously. I’ve found I like drums better.
CHRIS: Do you have any other skills or hobbies that most people don’t know about?
SEREGON: I’m an avid reader and a book reviewer, so please look me up on Goodreads.
CHRIS: With that, I’ll say again what a pleasure it was, Seregon. In closing, any shout-outs to anyone?
SEREGON: My dear friends Nina Transfeld, Brian Hopson, Melanie Robel, Rebecca Fey Collins, Melantha Blackthorne, Lauren Susan, Tony Mandile, and Ana Trujillo (Rhythmiss).
CHRIS: Oh, just one last question: What do you think of skinny neckties?

SEREGON: Ridiculous! Wear a real tie. While you’re at it, wear real pants. Skinny jeans aren’t sexy on men.


As Roxy in 2011’s The Family

As the vampire Samantha in the 2012 short film Later Lover…

In this video from two years ago, Seregon is asked by Alexia Anastasio, the producer of
Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads, about people’s misconceptions about redheads.
Seregon replies by mentioning some of those “misconceptions” people often have about her
as a redhead ….but she doesn’t say any of it isn’t true. Rather, she gives a slightly evil smile.


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