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In response to my piece on whatever happened to former Playboy Playmate and actress Susan Lynn Kiger, I’ve had several readers post comments and send me messages telling me of times they spent with the lovely Miss January 1977. Some said they had the pleasure of knowing Susan personally, while others shared their recollections of meeting her at promotional events and fan signings during her all-too-brief modeling and acting heyday.

Tony M., a reader who met Susan a little more than a year after her Playmate issue hit the stands, sent me the photo scans you see here. He took the photos during Susan’s appearance at the 1978 Sacramento Autorama car show, which is an annual event still held to this day. Tony’s also been gracious enough to allow me to publish these photos here, for the first time anywhere.

In Tony’s words:

Me and my brother Ron met Susan at an auto show in Sacramento called the Autorama, in 1978. She was doing a “Meet a Playmate” event at the show. She was kind enough to take several photos with us. Susan was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen! I was around 19 at the time. The fellow with the beard was the Autorama promoter, Blackie. The other guy is my brother Ron. The event was kinda slow, so Blackie let us hang out with them. Yea Blackie!

I befriended Susan and she gave me her address in LA to send her some of the pictures I took. She sent back some signed pictures and told me she didn’t get selected as Playmate of the Year (for 1978). We corresponded a few times but I lost touch with her a long time ago. We never dated, I was just in the right place at the right time, I guess.

Long shot, I know, but Susan, if you’re reading this and would like to send Tony a hello, just sent me a message through the “contact” tab above, and I’ll put you in touch. He’d love to hear from you again, as would I love to hear what you’ve been doing since your show biz days, as well as why you’ve chosen to remain out of the public eye all these years.


Big thanks to my friend Tony M. (pictured above in a moment with the lovely Miss
Kiger, that I’m sure he’ll never forget), “President of the Susan Kiger Fan Club.”




  1. WOW! Wished I had taken pictures during her H.O.T.S appearance here in KC! I only got her centerfold signed and it got misplaced during our last move (Along with my Morgana pics). I'm still looking!

  2. The first time I ever saw a picture of Susan Kiger, was when I was a sophomore in High School. A friend of mine walked up to me in study hall, and showed me the March 1977, edition, which had Susan as the covergirl. (the first of 3) She was wearing a wetsuit, with the ocean in back of her, and lots of cleavage showing. I thought, WOW! She is beautiful! Susan is among the most beautiful blonde playmates Playboy magazine has ever had. In 1996, I got the Playboy Playmate Book, that profiled the playmates through the decades. When I looked up Susan Kiger, the last Playboy had heard from her, she was living in the San Diego area. It seems strange that Playboy could not track her down, and find what she is doing. She certainly was in the spotlight for awhile there with TV and movie parts. Susan, along with other playmates, like, Pamela Anderson, Donna D’errico, Jenny McCarthy, and Shannon Tweed, proved a Playmate can make it in the entertainment business, and keep their clothes on. Then, as mentioned, Susan, dropped off the radar. If Hugh Hefner does not know where she is, no one does.

    • As I stated in this article, Anon, my research has revealed to me where Susan is and what she’s doing these days, and I’d sure think that Mr. Hefner is also aware of that same info, but, for whatever reasons, Susan has chosen to remain out of the spotlight for all these years.

      In fact, I haven’t received a message from anyone stating they saw her at any type of promo event (Playboy or otherwise) since the late-70s. I could speculate that she had a falling out with Playboy, which is why she’s hasn’t appeared at any Playboy fan event in all these years, but unless and until she agrees to an interview, that will remain speculation.

  3. I was married to Susan in the mid nineties for about a year. She will not associate with Playboy and has her reasons for dropping out of the public eye. Please respect her privacy.

    • I view such comments with skepticism too, but my research has revealed that Susan was married to a Kevin J. O’Brien at one point and the e-mail and ISP addresses show that the above comment could very well be from that Kevin J. O’Brien.

      So Kevin, I’m sure Susan does have her reasons to have dropped out of the public eye and disassociated herself with Playboy. If you’d care to elaborate, further comments from you would be most welcomed.

  4. Lucky guy. I got a signed photo of Susan from Death Screams that I inherited from my dad. I only knew she was a former Playmate turned actress. I thought I would find more on her but seems like Death Screams was the last film she ever did.

  5. I was thinking of buying this off Amazon but not sure it the signature is authentic. Anyone else have a signed photo of Susan you GOT from Susan and can give me your opinion?

    Susan Kiger Signed

  6. Spent a week with Susan in 1975 while working as a Bellboy at the Miramar Hotel in Santa Barbara. Lots of fun and laughs. She drove a orange MG convertible. Happy and carmistic individual….

  7. Wow! And nobody since the 80’s didn’t have a friendship with Susan who is just wanting to tell about her??? Lived somewhere near her or just spoke with her??? Strange! If she has lived in California all these years how come she didn’t show up on some photos of some friends who knew that she was a star? It’s crazy…40 years and just nothing?! If there were some program that scans faces in Facebook, I think it may filter just California profiles and some results we may find. In Russia we have a program like this and it’s helping when you try to find someone. Pity that even some family didn’t. I’m very interested in what became of her life in all these years!

  8. She was my brother’s girlfriend in Junior High. Her brother was his best friend through High School and their early 20’s, and he dated my sister! This was in La Habra.

  9. My contact with Susan was in March or April of 1976 at the Mammoth Mountain Inn in Mammoth Lakes, Ca. I was a ski bum that winter there and Playboy sponsored a wet tee shirt contest inside the cavernous lobby in the Mammoth Mountain Inn, which was straight across from the Mammoth Ski Lodge. All the local hotties and some weekenders entered and displayed their breasts for us to ogle. Thinking back, this could never happen today…guests at The MM Inn, with their children in tow, were exposed to the lovely ladies baring all as they meandered through the lobby to their rooms…amazing!
    Susan was the featured guest and kicked off the contest with some amazing dance moves while displaying her ample endowment. After the contest, Susan was just standing around so my friend and I walked up and talked to her. She was very approachable and friendly. She even accepted our invitation to meet us at the bar at Whiskey Creek in the village. She stayed for one drink with us, then her handlers took her away for photo session. Very memorable!

    • Are you sure it was March or April of 1976 and not 1977, T Nolan? Susan’s January 1977 Playmate issue wouldn’t have hit the newsstands until around late November of 1976 and before then, she probably wouldn’t have been well-known enough to be a featured guest for such an event. However, if it was March or April of ’77, that would have been right during her Playmate heyday. Oh, and I’ll ask you the same question I’ve asked others who share stories of meeting Susan: Any photos?

      • Absolutely, it was 1976. I lived in Mammoth for the 1975/1976 ski season. She was the featured Playboy model they brought to kick off the event. And this was such a low key event, with no publicity other than locally. No one knew her, other than she was representing Playboy. Pictures? Yes, there were some, until a few years later when my new wife found them packed away in boxes…lol.

  10. I had the pleasure of meeting Susan at the Thunder Bay car show in 1977. I won in two divisions and got to kiss Susan twice on the stage in front of everybody, I was 21, I will never forget. My friend was carrying a camera and took a lot of pictures for proof , but forgot to put film in, Thank you John Dykstra for that, we still laugh about it today. Susan was awesome, thanks.

  11. This is Tony M. from RI. Met Susan at a car show in Providence RI, back in 1979/1980. She was the most classy and beautiful woman … she was doing a meet and greet with a Playboy Bunny. I was a sophomore in college, awesome experience…….she signed a photo and got a hug!!!!! Hope Susan will respond.

    • This article is nearly seven years old now. Unless Susan is the type who stays off the Internet, it’s a safe bet that she’s seen this, has chosen not to respond, and I doubt she ever will, but we can always still hope!

  12. I can vouch for her, Hi Dee. Susan is a cool chick for sure. Good memories from the 1970s, If Susan does see this, Hi babe ! Thank You for lifelong memories.

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