Cecily Strong – SNL’s Hottest Female Cast Member Ever

This is just this author’s opinion (which is all that counts here, anyway), but while only in her sophomore year on Saturday Night Live, Chicago-area native Cecily Strong has established herself, not only as one of the foremost funny ladies in any SNL cast, but also as one of the show’s all-time absolute hammers.

Above is arguably Cecily’s best character, “The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation with at a Party,” appearing on SNL’s “Weekend Update” last season, which she now co-anchors this season. Speaking of which, now that she’s serving as an anchor on Weekend Update (pretty much a straight role), I hope that doesn’t mean that we will be seeing no more of this character, as Update was the only segment in which she appeared. If SNL’s producers don’t see the potential in this character and feature her in a series of sketches, then they obviously haven’t been talking to the the right girls at parties.


    • Yeah Steve, I caught that news a few days ago on my Facebook News Feed. Maybe the SNL producers didn’t think she had what it takes to handle it alone, but this also might mean that she won’t be so tied up with Weekend Update, that she won’t have time to appear in many other skits ….and I’m sure hoping to see “The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation with at a Party” again.

  1. I wouldn't say she's THE hottest ever, but definitely in my top 5. After seeing SNL 40 last week it brought back some fond memories of SNL babes past like Christine Ebersole and Jan Hooks (RIP)

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