The 2013 Miss Korea Pageant Contestants

No, they're not all the same girl

2013 Miss Korea ContestantsIt’s no secret and certainly not news, how common it is for South Korean women, particularly those in the entertainment industry, to have facial cosmetic work done. The most common being the “double-eyelid” surgery, which is intended to give a more big-eyed “Western” appearance. So, when I caught an article stating that all of the contestants in the 2013 Miss Korea Pageant looked alike, I thought it was nothing new and I didn’t even bother reading it. However, when I recently caught the now viral GIF image (right) of seven of the contestants, created just to illustrate how they all look like they rolled off the same plastic surgery assembly line, it did make me stop and take notice. It practically looks like the same girl with different hairstyles and clothes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I suppose. Just an observation. Excellent article at KoreaBANG that includes photos of all 20 contestants before and after makeup here.

2013 Miss Korea Contestants
All 20 2013 Miss Korea Contestants


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