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Saturday Night Live Korea made its debut in December of 2011 and has since done quite well in the ratings. Closely patterned after the long-running “live from New York” original, SNL Korea is considered to be in its fourth season, as Korean TV seasons are relatively short. This excerpt from a July 2012 skit features the show’s host, singer/actress Bada (Sea) overseeing auditions to choose two new singers to flank her in “SES II.”

Bada & Chris Charles
Yours truly with Bada in late 2003

In real life, Bada’s two former SES groupmates, Eugene and Shoo, did get married, the trio amicably disbanded, but there are currently no plans for a new incarnation of the group. Also, the “diva” character Bada portrays here is far from the reality. As someone who’s had the pleasure of meeting her on a couple of occasions, I can say she’s definitely one of the friendliest and most charming Korean celebrities I’ve ever met and she’s that way toward fans and colleagues, alike.

To see the full skit (but without subtitles), go here. Oh yes; the first girl here who auditions is cast member Kim Seul-gie, who responds to her dismissal by stating a singing rival of Bada’s is “the best.” The second hopeful is singer Hyolyn, from the girl group “Sistar” and their sub-duo “Sistar19.”



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