USA Up All Night with Rhonda Shear

I fondly remember watching Rhonda Shear host USA Up All Night on Friday nights during the early-90s. (Since I was rarely home on those pre-TiVo nights, I learned how to program my VCR to record the show so I could view it after I got home.) Rhonda took over from original Friday night hostess Caroline Schlitt (whatever happened to her, huh?) in 1990, a year after the show’s debut, and remained until USA Up All Night ended its run in 1998.

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried hosted the Saturday night show and I mention this here only because he sent me a free t-shirt during that time.The above is from 1992 and features Rhonda with guests Linnea Quigley, Jayne Hamil, and Jewel Shepard. The films shown that night were the B classics Vice Academy and Vice Academy 2, both of which starred Linnea and Jayne (and unfortunately, both of which USA Network edited for television). Oh, and in 2013, you can hopefully look forward to an exclusive interview right here with at least one of the aforementioned ladies.

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  1. Loved Rhonda on that show! Wish she would have hosted both nights. I got her Playboy issue from October of 93. I remember I was expecting her to be “tastefully covered” but got a nice surprise when I saw she bared her beauties!

    Rhonda Shear

    Rhonda Shear

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