1993 Lakeport Revival Bikini Contestants

Back in 1993, the band I was in at the time, was booked to play a weekend at a club in Lakeport, California, which is about a two hour drive north of San Francisco. While I was up there, I caught a poster advertising the Lakeport Revival Classic Car Show (now defunct), which included a bikini contest, at the Lake County Fairgrounds. Me, being a fan of classic cars and an even bigger fan of bikini contests, decided to go check it out and I made sure to bring my camera along. (35mm, this was the pre-digital age.)

Most of the contestants were from  Northern California (Santa Rosa, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, etc.) and were obviously professional or semi-professional models, with one notable exception, who gave away her amateur status with her less-than-perfect posture. I don’t remember who won, or even the names of any contestants, but “Stars and Stripes Girl” here, was the show-stealer who got the biggest response from the crowd once she dropped her white blazer to show her patriotism.

As I look at these photos now, I notice there doesn’t seem to be any real differences between the hair and fashion styles of these ladies vs. those whom would be competing in such contests today. However, I can point out the absence of tattoos and piercings (visible ones, anyway) on these ladies vs. the inked and body jewelry-laden bodies you’d be likely to see in bikini contests these days.

If you are one of the ladies pictured here and would like to give me some more information on yourself or would be interested in an interview here, please contact me.

At left is the one local girl in the contest who obviously wasn’t a professional model. Pretty
girl, but you could tell from her posture and lack of a tan that she wasn’t a professional
model. When all the girls were lined up on stage, you could see that she sort of stood
out from the other contestants such as “Glitter Girl” at right.

I don’t remember it, but this girl had an really ethnic Italian name. During her brief
interview, she told a story about how some guy once ran his bike into a light pole
because he was watching her instead of the road.

This girl didn’t have have quite as much up top as the rest of the entrants,
but she made up for it by the way she moved.

Not sure I liked the way she had her hair it trimmed in the back. It would’ve
looked better tapered. The way she had it cut made it look like a broom.

This lady was 33 at the time. I wonder how she looks now at 52.

The captain’s hat made and interesting touch.

Don’t think the black shoes went well with this girl’s yellow bikini,
but I guess nobody paid much attention to her shoes.

You can see the “slingshot” suits were popular back then.
Of course, not every girl can wear one like this.

Don’t really remember anything about this contestant. Not to say she wasn’t
memorable ….just given the group she was with, she didn’t stand out.

Oh yes, and there were cars there too ….

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