Original Hooters Girl, Lynne Austin

The lady who was the first face of the now-famous restaurant chain

Former Playboy Playmate and original Hooters Girl, Lynne Austin probably couldn’t care less about getting any more publicity, let alone being featured here, but for a date with all 1’s in it, it’s appropriate to feature a lady who was the first in her field. So, here’s the very first Hooters commercial from 1983 featuring the first Hooters Girl Lynne, explaining how they keep their beer so cold. Definitely a classic.

Now a host on the Sportchix radio show on 1010 Sports AM Tampa, Florida, Lynne was approached by the owners of the first Hooters back in 1983, after they spotted her in a local bikini contest (which she won). After becoming the poster girl for the first restaurant, located in Clearwater, Florida, the owners asked her to work there as a server, believing it would be a great draw to have the actual Hooters poster girl working at the restaurant. Lynne didn’t think that people (guys) would really care whether or not the poster girl for the restaurant was actually working there for them to see in the flesh, but she soon found out she was very wrong about that. Reportedly, customers (guys) were willing to wait as long as three hours to get a table …and it wasn’t because their Buffalo wings were that good.

Lynne’s popularity as the original Hooters Girl soon brought in a lot of offers for modeling gigs and eventually caught the eye of Playboy magazine, in which she became Miss July 1986. Here the details from Lynne herself in an interview and see a shot from one of her original Hooters ads, below.

Fairly recent interview (as of this writing) Lynne did with WebeSports.com

Lynne Austin
Early Hooters ad campaign from the mid-80s

(Author’s Note: November 11th is also Veterans Day and all US Hooters restaurants are showing their appreciation by giving vets 10 free wings all day long. Even if you don’t really care for Buffalo wings, the servers are worth the visit. So, if you’re a vet and live near a Hooters, why not drop by and take advantage of the offer? We’ve earned it.)


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