Jessica Cameron

Golden Cob award-winning Scream Queen

Originally from Ontario, Canada, actress Jessica Cameron didn’t decide to become an actress until after she began her first career choice, which was fashion design. After taking some acting classes, the Ryerson University alumna gave up her position at an Ohio design company a few years ago to pursue her passion for acting and hasn’t looked back since, not that she should. Since she’s been acting, Jessica’s landed roles in several TV commercials as well as short and feature films, several of which are now in post production, so stay tuned.

I contacted Jessica about an interview in September but didn’t hear back from her until just a week ago, when she complimented me about the recent interviews that have been featured here. Asking when I would get to add hers to the list, she replied I would soon and was true to her word. Now living in Los Angeles, Jessica’s the second Golden Cob Award-winning actress I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. She won the honor in 2010 for “Best Rising B Actress” for her role in in the short film Absolution. Some other films of note she’s done are Ninety Degrees and Sunny, and the shorts The Wrong Damn Thing to Say, and Accomplice. You can currently catch her in the web series Two Doors Down and read her most recent interview right here after the jump.

Jessica Cameron
A wet Jessica photographed by Steven Maisch, hence the “SM” watermark. (What did you think it stood for?)
CHRIS CHARLES: I’m really glad to have you here, Jessica. This won’t exactly be like the hot tub interview you did with Ryan Buckley for Infernal Dreams, but I’ll try to throw you a few curves with the questions.
JESSICA CAMERON: Wait ….you mean there’s no hot tub for this interview?! Did you not read my rider??!! It clearly states that I require a hot tub or no interview shall take place!
CHRIS: (She was kidding, but if she wasn’t, I would have been happy to find a set with a hot tub and oblige, even if it meant getting my notes wet.) I’ve done my homework on you so I know you didn’t intend to be an actress after you graduated college. In fact, you were working as a fashion designer when you decided to take acting classes and it wasn’t until then that the acting bug bit. Since you’ve decided to pursue acting full time, has everything been good or have you had any experiences that have made you consider going back to fashion design?
JESSICA: Honestly my acting career has been amazing. My first year as a full time actress I did more then 15 projects! I have no desire to go back to fashion design since it is not where my heart is now, and honestly, I am having way too much fun now!
Jessica Cameron
Photo by Steve Maisch
IT actually makes me nauseous to think of having to go back, sit at a desk for 12 hours a day, deal with bosses, boss’s bosses, etc. NO THANK YOU!
CHRIS: When you lived in Ohio, you were one of the hosts of a local entertainment show in Columbus called Night Out Ohio. What was that like for you?
JESSICA: It was a lot of fun. It is very different to be a host of a show as opposed to an actress. You need to deliver the script in a totally different way. In one episode I got pulled up on stage at a piano bar and the piano guys were singing to me, that was fun! It was also very interesting to be able to drink while working, I was constantly having to shots with club/bar owners, bartenders, crew, etc. for the shots. Super fun though!
CHRIS: You won the 2010 Golden Cob Award for Best Rising B Actress. A few months ago, I interviewed Bianca Barnett, who was this year’s winner. I’ve also interviewed several other top B-movie actresses, so you’re in some good company here. Are there any ladies in the B-movie industry that you’d really like to work with?
JESSICA: Tiffany Shepis and Debbie Rochon top that list. They are both so talented and in my opinion, are wonderful actresses as well as internationally recognized icons. I have worked with Monique Dupree and Seregon O’Dassey on one project but one is definitely not enough for those girls! I want to work with them on more! They are both so talented and wonderful people, as well as being intelligent and kind women.
Jessica Cameron
Sporting the Crocaloctapus t-shirt
CHRIS: When you first started acting and since you love horror, did you see yourself becoming a Scream Queen?
JESSICA: It never really occurred to me, I just focused on trying to get as many good gigs as possible. My first main goal as a full time actress was simply to be able to pay my bills, Since many of my first distributed films were in horror, the media and fans have labelled me a Scream Queen. I love the horror genre and am a life lone fan so I am very honored.
CHRIS: What’s been your most challenging role physically?
JESSICA: I would have to say Camel Spiders, not because it was a particularly active shoot though. But because we shot 26 pages of action and dialog in a 17 hour day and I had to drive to and from location the same day which was a 3.5 hour drive. So it was exhausting just on a time/energy level.
I really want to do more action and look forward to pushing myself to some physical extremes.
CHRIS: How about emotionally?
JESSICA: 90 Degrees and Sunny was very hard for me since my character accidentally kills her daughter and the film deals with her poor attempt to handle that and then the choice to kill herself ….and all this was done without words. It was a wonderful acting experience though, but I had to go to a dark place and stay there for days. The crew kept asking me if I was okay since I would keep to myself while there. They were very kind.
Jessica Cameron
Photo by K.S. Gill
CHRIS: You were slated to have a starring role in Girl Scout Cookies, which was actually a misleading title as it’s not about Girl Scouts, as we know them, but anyway, I understand that project has since fallen through?
JESSICA: I was originally attached to Girl Scout Cookies but when the director and producer attempted to shoot it then entire production fell apart. After being threatened by the director, lied to and nearly 6 months later still owed money for this project it is very safe to say that I am not involved with it AT ALL.
CHRIS: I see. Well, now the readers know the true story on that (and remember you read it here first). Whenever I interview an actress who’s played or posed as a cheerleader, I always ask if she was ever actually a cheerleader. In this case, even though the film has been put on the shelf and you won’t be in it, I’ll ask; were ever really a Girl Scout?
JESSICA: Nope, I was never a Girl Scout as a child. I was however head cheerleader (gives a wink).
CHRIS: Weaponry is one of your listed skills. In Caught you showed you can sure handle a firearm. Did you take up shooting because of a that or a previous role, or was it a hobby of yours before you started acting?
Jessica Cameron
Photo by Paul Wright
JESSICA: I had always wanted to learn how to shoot. My father was an avid shooter, and I lived in a home with many guns but I never had shot one till a few years back. Then when I tried it I became hooked. I loved it. Now I bug all my male friends to take me shooting with them! One of the many things I love about my job is that I can I get to put all the hobbies that I love to do on my resume, its an awesome job perk! Lets be honest; there is no other job career that you can list weapons training and whip training under the special skills column!
CHRIS: Hmmm ….well, maybe one or two others, but we’ll move on. You look great modeling the Crocaloctopus T-shirt. What can you tell me about that project and your role in it?
JESSICA: This is the brain child of Brian Shirley (he runs one of my favorite web sites –, as well as a talented producer, write, actor…..he does it all!) and is a comic book that originated one night when he was discussing all the crazy mixed animal films on the Scify channel. I play deputy Rox who does her best to help a bad situation! For more info, or to purchase your very own copy please go here:
CHRIS: So is there anything you can tell me that I couldn’t find out by simply going online and stalk…uh, doing research on you?
JESSICA: Hmmm …let’s see, a few random, not-so-well-known facts about moi…..
Jessica Cameron
Photo by Paul Wright
1. Although I love being girlie with all my hair and make up and dressing up, I also cherish the down time when I get to spend all day in my pj’s, working on my computer. Most people are surprised by that.
2. My parents passed away less then 6 months apart recently and I think about them every day, and am sure that I will for the rest of my life.
3. I am a strong advocate against impaired driving. I have been since high school, I was very actively involved in and even the captain one year for O.S.A.I.D (Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving).
4. I have a niece who looks eerily like me, whom I love more then anything (her sister too). But the fact that she looks so much like me, and is way smarter then I was at that age terrifies me.
5. I try to do at least one nice, selfless thing a day. Not usually anything big, often something as small as a compliment to a stranger, or holding the door open for someone else whose hands are full.
CHRIS: I understand you’re scuba certified. Has that ever come into play for any of your modeling or acting gigs?
JESSICA: I actually got scuba certified so that I could be a part f this underwater drama TV show. Sadly the show never came together, but you never know perhaps one day it will pop back up! Hopefully I will put it to use in something else, but for now it’s just one of my many under-utilized skills (winks). I actually really love scuba diving, and hope to pursue it on a more regular basis when I get more time!
Jessica Cameron
Photo by KS Gill
CHRIS: You’ve been in several movies that are now in post production. What is/are the next one(s) to be released?
JESSICA: That is always a loaded question for an actress since as an actress, we have no idea! Post production can literally take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years on an indie film. I know that Anchor Bay picked up Camel Spiders so I am hoping that one will lock down the release dates soon. Potpourri has had their theatrical premiere and you can pick up a copy at Mother’s Blood will be done soon, and I know that the talented team of Chris Jay and Kitsie Duncan will ensure that it is easily accessible to all! Post Mortem America – Chapter 2 will be out soon, it stars the lovely Melanie Robel, Larry Laferty, and April Monique Burril.
CHRIS: What upcoming events will you be at where fans can meet you?
JESSICA: At this time I have not confirmed any convention appearances for next year, but will look at all offers. I am so blessed that I keep so busy that I rely only have time for 2-3 per year. I always promote my appearances on my Facebook fan page, Twitter and website, so please check there for info!
CHRIS: Well this has been a pleasure, Jessica. Any parting words or shout-outs?
JESSICA: Thank you for taking the time to research and interview me, Chris. I really do appreciate it! Anyone interested in finding out more please check out my Website, my Twitter, my Facebook Fan Page (Sorry, the regular page is full), and of course, my IMDb listing.

Jessica wearing what she referred to as a “Sgt. Pepper jacket,” from another shoot with Steve Maisch. Steve is a wizard behind the camera but you need to redesign your watermark so you name is easier to read, Steve! See more of his work at his blog. Oh, and anyone who doesn’t know what Sgt. Pepper is a reference to, should really be ashamed of themselves.

Photo by Paul Wright

Photo by Bill Spangler

Photo by K.S. Gill

Jessica’s most recent demo reel


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