Satomi, Risa, and Marina for Wrist Cutter G

Here are the late gravure idols Satomi Shigemori, Risa Inoue, and Marina Kanda (RIP) advertising “Wrist Cutter G,” which became the hottest cutter for Japanese students belonging to extracurricular wrist-cutting clubs, soon after this spot aired in early 2008.

Unfortunately, the promotional events that were scheduled to follow the national release of this commercial never happened due to the girls’ untimely deaths ….which was proof that they actually believed in and used the product they so enthusiastically endorsed.

Just kidding. These girls are all alive and well. This is actually a fictitious commercial that appears during the subway scene in the Japanese splatter-fest Tokyo Gore Police. You’ll find this bogus advertisement floating all around the net, but this is probably the only place (in English, anyway) you’ll find it where the girls are IDed. Happy Googling.

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