Motivational Posters

Asian edition

Since the original “hang in there, baby” image of a kitten struggling to hold on to a tree branch, started appearing on walls over 40 years ago, motivational posters have been created to inspire us to persevere when the going gets tough. Demotivational posters have since shown up as a parody.

Either way, I’ve noticed that quite a few photos of well-known Asian ladies have appeared on Internet versions over the last several years, such as this famous shot of Sunghi Lee (above) from her 1996 milk photo shoot that she did for Playboy’s Book of Lingerie.

Pinay model Eliza Escano looking very defiant
I don’t know whether or not she can bake, but Francine Dee is
considered by many to be “Queen of the Import Scene.”
Korean-American actress Grace Park
Korean model Hwang Mi-hee
Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun (aka Gianna Jun) in a still from a Giordano clothing
commercial that ran as a print ad. The commercial that ran around the same time
as this, was banned from Korean network television as it was deemed too racy.
These “Asian cheerleaders” are actually Korean singing group Jewelry. From
left to right: Park Jung-ah, Ha Joo-yeon, Seo In-young, and Kim Eun-jung.
Model Jarah Mariano
Causing you to question your heterosexuality in this one is JAV idol Mai Hagiwara
Looking great in this cosplay outfit, is the sexy co-host of G4TV’s Attack of the Show
This Asian girl “Hulking” her shirt is Japanese gravure idol Reon Kadena.
This shot of Japanese gravure idol Aki Hoshino is from the ceremonial first pitch
she threw at the opening of a 2006 Yokohama Bay Stars – Hanshin Tigers game.
The poster girl in this one, English-born actress Papillion Soo Soo, also gets credit for speaking a similar, now-(in)famous line from the 1987 movie Full Metal Jacket, which this still is from. Click the play button below to hear the actual line from the film.

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