Sasha Benlisa for Reel It In! NSFW 

One for the "Haven't I seen (a lot more of) her somewhere else before?" file

Sasha Benlisa

Here is the tall and lovely Sasha Benlisa doing a girl-on-the-street segment for the Internet fishing show Reel It In!, which is based in southern Ontario and billed as “the world’s most entertaining fishing show.” According to its Facebook page, Reel It In! is a “slick production that turns the traditional sport fishing show on its head by incorporating elements of sketch comedy, reality TV and late night variety into its formula.”

For those who recognize Sasha from her other reporting job, for those who think they’ve seen her before, but can’t place her, and for those who have never seen her before, but wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more of her, read on.

Here is Sasha working under her alias, “April Torres,” for the Toronto-based Internet news show, Naked News, where she has been a member of their nude newscast team since January 2003. If you were among those who recognized her from the Reel It In segment, but couldn’t place her until now, it must have been the clothing that threw you off.