Whatever Happened to Kristara Barrington?

80's adult film star seems to have disappeared from the public eye

I recently commented on an article at another website, that I wondered what happened to Kristara Barrington, who became one of the top Asian ladies in the adult film industry during the videotape explosion of the early-to-mid-80s, which also marked the end of porn’s “Golden Age” of 35mm productions.

Also billed as Kim Charoensuk, China Lee, Kimberly Wong, Mai Nguyen and a few other aliases, Kristara Barrington (the name she finally settled on and became best known by) was cast in roles that both did and did not, have to do with her ethnicity, which was believed to be at least part Korean. Her real first name may very well be Kimberly, as that and “Kim” were what she was referred to by in the 1985 porn documentary Fallen Angels.

Over the past several years, the prevailing rumor is that Kristara became veterinarian and has been practicing in Southern California. One claim was that she went to school and opened up her own veterinary clinic with money that she socked away while doing porn. If that’s true, I doubt that she practices under the name “Kristara Barrington,” a stage name I always wondered where she got from and why an Asian performer would choose. There has been speculation that she took the name “Barrington” from a Chicago suburb, where she is reported to be originally from. There is a Charoensuk Animal Hospital in Bangkok and Charoensuk was a name she used early in her porn career. It can’t be ruled out as her real name, but it may have been a name she lifted from the vet hospital (assuming it was around in the early-80s) because she may have had had her sights set on a career in veterinary medicine before she started doing porn, but that’s just more wild speculation.

Oriental Jade
Released directly to video in 1985, Oriental Jade was one of Kristara’s better-known videos. Despite the title and her being the only Asian girl in the cast, she wasn’t the main featured performer.

There was also some speculation that when Kristara began her porn career in 1983, she was still underage, which may be true. While some of her bios (such as the one at the Internet Adult Film Database) state her date of birth as being November 22, 1963, other bios (such as the ones at IMDb and Wikipedia) state it as being November 22, 1965. Whether Kristara was underage when she started in the biz or not, after the Traci Lords scandal broke in 1986, some adult video distributors also pulled Kristara’s and a few other actresses’ early videos from shelves as a “precaution.”

Even though Kristara retired from the adult video industry in 1987, material that she had done prior to that, continued to be released for a few years after her departure, giving the impression that she was still active in porn beyond that point. I’m sure her legacy will always live on. I just wish I knew whatever happened to her.

October 2013 Author’s Addendum: The most “recent notification” at Kristara’s unofficial website “places” her in Chicago, working with friends and family, doing bookkeeping for a relative’s Korean grocery store. Sounds likely, but, of course, until that’s confirmed by a very reliable source, it can’t be considered any more than just another rumor.

Kristara’s segment from the 1985 porn documentary Fallen Angels,
in which she’s referred to as “Kim.”


Kristara was often cast in “non-Asian” roles, as she was in 1984’s Taking Off (video box cover at left), a 35mm film production that was becoming a dying breed in the porn industry by the mid-80s. Right: From the February 1984 issue of Hustler magazine. This must have (or at least should have) been one of Kristara’s very first nude photo shoots because, taking into account her alleged November 1965 date of birth and when the issue issue hit the stands; she would have just barely been of of legal age the time of the shoot.

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      • If her DOB was Nov 65, she would have been 18 in 1983 but not until Nov so depends when she started in 83. Either way she was a favorite of mine, pretty face, great ass, nice tits with puffy nipples and a nice hairy pussy. None of the bald look of today.

  1. One of my faves from back in the day. Kristara was almost certainly born in 1963, not 1965. There are some relatively recent pics of her on Vintage Erotica website. She seems like she survived her porn career quite nicely.

  2. Kim Morgan from Crystal Lake, IL. Crystal Lake was also from Crystal Lake, but I have forgotten her name. A former gf went to school with both, and she said that CL was in Junior Achievement.

    • Yes! I’ve been wondering what her real name was and it is now confirmed! Kim went to Crystal Lake Central High School from 1981 to 1983. She’s listed in the yearbooks from those years. She never graduated from high school, which would have been 1984. That would make her debut in the film, “Fallen Angels” at about 18 years old.

      • Thanks for this info and the photos, Polar. No doubt that’s Kim/Kristara. So if she would have graduated from high school in 1984 and would have been 18 at the time, as most people are when they graduate high school, the November ’65 (not ’63) birth date seems to be her true DOB. In which case, there’s a very strong possibility she forwent her senior year of high school to begin her porn career before her 18th birthday.

        • You’re welcome. I put two and two together and just so happens it all clicked. Now trying to figure out if she actually became a Vet. But she would have had to have gotten a GED and attend a specialized school or university. The photos aren’t in order. The first one is from 1981 as a Freshman. 2nd one is from 1983, when she was a Junior. The 3rd is from 1982 when she was a sophomore.

  3. I was in adult films (Male, Eric Monti – my stage name) 1983-99 & worked w Kristara (Kim) in a 1984 video in her early days in a NY shoot “Double Trouble” (along with Tajia Rae). I played the hillbilly “Clem” & was with another guy in a 3-way with Kristara outside on a picnic table.

    She was incredibly beautiful – young (19) great body – long legs (5’7″) & lovely complexion. ALL “natural” Natural boobs, hairy pussy, no tattoos. Just a doll. She told me her father was an American soldier & mother was Korean.

    Anyway – Had a really great sex scene. She was very “hot”!
    Rumor has it she became a Veterinarian –
    Just a rumor-

    Would be curious if anyone knew more.

    • I do remember that scene in Double Trouble, I think I saw it around 1986/1987. I always thought Kristara’s father was German and I guess if he was an American soldier he could have been of German descent. From what I read above her real name was Kim Morgan and she left high school early to become a porn star in mid to late 1983. The first movie I remember seeing her in was New Wave Hookers, which was kind of a wild flick perfect for Kristara to star in. Kristara stuck around the biz a long time, I think she lasted at least 4 years, her movies were released all the way up to 1989. Funny, the last movie I saw her in was in 1989 with Herschel Savage and I remember thinking to myself “Wow, I’m surprised she isn’t retired by now”. and sure enough that was the last time I saw her in a new release. Kristara was one of the hottest video vixens of the 80’s that’s for sure!

  4. I’ve been wondering for years what happened to this young lady. She was a huge fantasy of mine back in the mid-1980s. Absolutely loved watching her, and I did for many years even after she retired. Sweet girl. I’d love to see what she looks like now (not in a creepy way, I hope she found a happy and fulfilling life)

    One question: I checked the yearbooks from Crystal Lake Central High (and South as well) for 1981 to 1983. I simply couldn’t find any mention of her in there, nor of the photos above. What am I missing? What page am I supposed to look on?

  5. She certainly is easy on the eyes. Interesting how she is half Asian. She looks 100%. How does a girl from Suburbia get involved in porn? I wonder if her relatives knew about it back in the day…She said in a video she bedded over 200 guys in high school. Could that be true?

  6. Lipstik productions produced and Bruce Seven directed a number of sex films involving girl girl sex. It was in one of those films that I saw Kristara Barrington for the first time and this was before her career took off. In another film in this series, I also saw Victoria Jackson a.k.a. Tina Marie.

    Does anybody know when these Lipstik films were made?

  7. She was ok, and I liked Asian women a lot. Natural bod, yes, but maybe she got overplayed. I preferred Jade East from that era, a little more exotic look. I’d really like to know whatever happened to Gail Force, a personal favorite from that time frame. Smoking hot.

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