Friday the 13th Victim, Marcie Cunningham

Again, in honor of Friday the 13th, here’s Marcie Cunningham (No relation to director Sean, since he’s a real person and Marcie is a character played by actress Jeannine Taylor) from the original Friday the 13th, getting a splitting headache from Mrs. Voorhees. That’s right; Mrs. Voorhees. Jason didn’t show up as the killer until part 2, the following year. (Too bad Casey Becker didn’t know that when she was asked in Scream, or she’d still be aliv….naaa, he still would have killed her.)

WARNING: The above scene is graphic and not for the faint-hearted. If you’re the type that plays the video before reading the text below it and already saw the scene and found it disturbing, well …. you should have read this first.


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