Michelle Phan

A look at Xanga's popular makeup guru, "Rice Bunny"

Art student Michelle Phan, aka “Rice Bunny,” isn’t in the entertainment industry. She’s done some modeling (Vietnamese T-shirts from Ahn Oi being her first project) and is very popular among the readers of her Xanga site (the girls; mostly because of her much-requested makeup tutorials, the guys; mostly because of her), but she tells me her main focus is on her artwork, and some good examples of it can be found here.

A huge Batman fan and avid gamer, Michelle’s goal is to work in the video game industry as an art director. Her favorite game is Metal Gear Solid and she told me one of her best achievements was getting first place on Gran Turismo on the 200th lap while she was resting her eyes and memorizing the course with her analog. (That’s unfamiliar to me, but you gamers should appreciate it.)

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